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The Shingo Prize is the world’s highest standard for operational excellence and has been described as “The Nobel Prize for Manufacturing”.

Since its inception in 1988, recognition and prestige associated with the Shingo Prize has grown with more companies than ever applying to receive it and challenging the giants of the manufacturing industry.

Last year, the Shingo prize went to Boston Scientific (Cork) and Rottapharm Madaus (Dublin). This is an incredible achievement for Ireland to have two winners of this prestigious award in 2016 and show the strength of the pharmaceutical and medical device sector here in Ireland.

With past winners including manufacturing giants like Ford, AT &T, Wilson, Lucent Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, Alcatel, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems & John Deere.

The Shingo award focus on organisations where a culture of operational excellence is demonstrated throughout the hierarchy including leaders, managers, associates and technicians. For an organisation to reach this level of performance, operational excellence must be deeply embedded in the root culture.

This is a phenomenal achievement by Boston Scientific and Rottapharm Madus, competing with and beating heavyweights of the manufacturing world. A lot of credit has to go to the staff for driving quality, increasing efficiency, innovating processes while creating & delivering value to customers throughout the manufacturing process.