PEMAC Assets – Is your CMMS ready for the next Industrial revolution?

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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

Industry is evolving, the digital world is gaining inward traction and we’re entering into a partnership of industry and digital with the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’.

Being Maintenance Intelligent and implementing the right CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) can have a very positive effect on operational performance within an organisation. Industry is evolving, the digital world is gaining inward traction and we’re entering into a partnership of Industry and Digital with the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’. We require real time visibility across all of our assets and sites with predictive analytics to build a proactive maintenance plan – unplanned downtime and its negative impact is just not acceptable. Our time to market is shortening, our required ROI increasing, thus driving the emphasis for an automated and communicable maintenance plan.

Many organisations are now required to manage their assets across departments, business units or geographical locations for efficient control and optimisation. Real time reporting is needed to maintain an efficient maintenance plan and detect problems as they happen, rather than finding out afterwards. It should no longer be a guessing game or annual report to understand which facility runs the best, our connected software and hardware reports this in real-time.

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At Pemac we’re staying ahead of this curve with Pemac Assets. With over 30 years’ experience in CMMS, we have polished our 5th generation product, extracted all of the best and most popular features and have launched PEMAC Assets. This CMMS is already integrated with a large number of clients and we’re recommending this CMMS Upgrade to our full customer base.

PEMAC Assets is an Enterprise wide CMMS solution allowing full maintenance accountability across multiple sites giving a global view of your maintenance metrics. Our CMMS is open source and can easily integrate with your incumbent software partners and monitoring systems giving better 360 automation across your organisation. This level of multi-source data can be used to make key operational and financial decisions.

We have also integrated our Forms Product into Pemac Assets which enables a full paperless workflow across your operation.  When linked to PEMAC Assets it enhances the change control process as well as removing paper from the process.

Further additions to PEMAC Assets include a Purchase Ordering facility for engineering spare parts that can operate standalone or fully integrate with your ERP solution. For high compliance industries PEMAC Assets is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with a full system audit trail and change control within. Itincludes calibration functionality and can be supplied with associated validation protocols. In addition, to reduce the total costs of the initial and ongoing validation process PEMAC Assets also comes with its own pre-qualification pack so can be pre-qualified with evidence of IQ/OQ testing to dramatically reduce costs.

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Pemac Assets is Web-based, multi-currency, multi-language and multi site allowing you to operate and manage your Maintenance management plan as a fully cohesive and connected company. It is available as an on-premise solution or a Software as a Solution (SAAS) platform. Having a SAAS CMMS allows all sites to benefit from automated upgrades and reduces the need for local security, hosting and back-ups.

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If you would like to learn more about PEMAC Assets, please fill out the form below and a member of the PEMAC team will be in touch shortly.