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6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Maintenance Software 

If you are writing maintenance checklists or schedules on paper or in Microsoft word and tracking asset uptime, downtime, costs etc in Excel, you need to stop what you’re doing RIGHT now.

Visit our PEMAC Assets page, view the video, arrange a demo, set up your key metrics and move into this decade. This article is for people who have a fully functioning CMMS that may be outdated, carries out most functions easily but doesn’t add value to the business and they are considering an upgrade before they waste further valuable resources.

Face the Facts

You are only going to upgrade if it saves you time, money or significantly streamlines processes. The following 6 reasons will give you a good idea where you stand and if that upgrade is necessary.


1. Your CMMS is Holding You Back

You need a plugin to become a paperless operation, the system doesn’t work with windows 10 or perhaps you want to integrate with work permits, contractor management, ERP or financial systems. Your CMMS may be holding you back, the above reasons and much more can point this way. If you have felt like this in the past 24 months you need to ask yourself what’s important to my department and how can a more modern system help me.


2. Your Metrics Don’t Tell the Full Story

Older systems can be easily manipulated by users and administrators to tell the story they want. Some older systems are even difficult to track key metrics, you need to devote a programmer just to get it right. Maybe you track and measure as much as possible but it doesn’t deliver value to your bottom line. This area alone justifies an upgrade. A CMMS supplier with a dedicated implementation team is key here as they can help you set up the main metrics and also the ones that are important to your business.

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3. It’s Over Complicated

Someone new joins your company and 6 months later they are still struggling to use the system. What does this tell you? A modern user-friendly CMMS will be picked up and mastered within a few sessions. If not, the PEMAC support team all have 10 – 20 year’s experience working with PEMAC customers and have influenced product development. PEMAC have also launched an online training portal for PEMAC Assets that will quickly get your new staff up to speed.


4. Your Team are not Mobile

You have a team of engineers and technicians who spend half the day desk bound updating the CMMS – does this make sense? They need to be mobile. A modern CMMS has application functionality which can be used on tablets or mobile. Add or edit work orders on the go, complete jobs, view asset history, record meter readings etc. Read more about mobile functionality here. Maybe you have a mobile app but it doesn’t live up to expectations and fulfill your need. A modern CMMS mobile application should be easy to use and increase the efficiency of your team.

Find Out More: PEMAC Assets Mobile CMMS


5. Security

Setting access rights and monitoring who is on the system and when are vital for a modern CMMS. You need to control who has access to critical data, easy to use security settings and permissions can ensure you do that. Whether your CMMS is installed on site or in the cloud, your data needs to be protected from outside sources and that reason alone may be important enough for you to look at an upgrade.


6. Are you Ahead of the Game or Playing Catch-up

Is your approach preventative maintenance and scheduling up to speed? Are you regularly missing pre-scheduled PM’s and if you do miss them, does your system give you an alert and show an easy to read backlog? Your maintenance software should keep you on track and once set up and correctly implemented, work for you and benefit the organisation.


Don’t wait for a costly failure or pressure from the top down to get this project started.

Be pro-active and list all your requirement – both common and unique to your organisation. What’s important to you, be it training, implementation or a locally based support team on hand to delve deep into your problems and provide solutions.

If you found a solution that will help solve one or more of the above issues then you are on the right track. Talk to your supplier about potential performance improvements you will benefit from. Find the CMMS your organisation needs.

Interested to hear about potential performance improvements in your organisation? The PEMAC team are happy to help you. Contact us today.