Announcing the new PEMAC Assets and SAP Integration

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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

PEMAC are excited to announce one of our bigger integrations of 2018 with SAP. As SAP continues to grow momentum in the global marketplace, we were receiving more client requests for this integration, particularly with the SAP Finance tool. PEMAC has now developed and fully launched an automated integration with SAP PI (Process Integration), which facilitates the link between all the SAP systems and PEMAC Assets.

Linking the PEMAC Maintenance system to SAP satisfies two key requirements. Engineering get a dedicated Maintenance system that is built around their needs, while the link to SAP gives Finance the budgetary control they require. Linking to SAP also provides Engineering with information around Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for assets helping to support capital replacement decisions. For Finance departments, linking to SAP means that all purchasing requests pass through the same approval process providing full visibility, while also allowing Engineering to understand why the cost was incurred by linking the cost to the asset and the underlying reason for the spend.

With PEMAC Assets and SAP operating in tandem, full data accuracy across both platforms is guaranteed including (but not limited to) all Supplier data, Purchase Order records and status, and Stock control. Synchronisation is on-going between both PEMAC Assets and SAP, and with a fully configurable set-up available our customers can now continue towards a leaner, more efficient business operation. The Organisational win for our customers is maintaining global business compliance and requirements, while still being able to operate within PEMAC Assets gaining from the focussed and specialised data this CMMS offers.

This SAP interface is embedded within PEMAC Assets now with an automated, yet configurable, setup.

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