PEMAC ASSETS – RELEASE 2.7 – Resource Planning, IoT, Mobile and More……

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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

The latest release of PEMAC Assets is now live with updates across a number of modules and advances made in IoT. Tracking all equipment and stock, maintenance tasks and routines, plus Contractor and Permit Management are core to PEMAC Assets. Added to this, PEMAC Assets contains an IWMS (Integrated Work Management System), is web-based, works across multiple sites with multiple languages and currencies, and can easily integrate with existing ERP, OEE or financial platforms.

Some of the main updates in Release 2.7 are highlighted below –

Work Scheduler & Resource Planning

The PEMAC Assets Work Scheduler facilitates the management of current and future work by providing a visual tool to represent actual and projected work scheduled in PEMAC Assets. With this release, we added a Resource Panel to the Scheduler which provides time-based visualisation of work in the system and allows planning personnel to review projected resource requirements for jobs (Work Orders), allocates resources to perform these jobs and create schedules to ensure completion of the work.

Overall with the Scheduler and Resource Panel, Planners can now –

  • View projected Work Orders that should be created by Routines in the future
  • View actual Work Orders in the system
  • Anticipate blockages preventing work from being completed, e.g. spare parts being unavailable.
  • Reschedule/edit/view actual Work Orders in the system
  • View the overall costs and resource hours required
  • View available resources via the Resource Panel
  • Drag and Drop resources on Jobs
  • View Trade Availability per day
  • View a Trade Allocations Chart

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3rd Party IoT Integration

The primary objective of PEMAC Assets is to function as a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The use of CMMS systems to streamline maintenance operations and reduce costs has existed for many years, however recently, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has enabled exciting new capabilities within CMMS.

The PEMAC IoT Interface bridges the communication gap between physical plant equipment and PEMAC Assets. Sensors mounted on Plant Equipment can now transfer data to PEMAC Assets triggering routines and generating Work Requests when maintenance work is needed. This improves reaction time, reduces downtime and improves output.

The constant flow of sensor data optimizes workflows and data collected can also be used to develop Predictive Maintenance Analytics predicting when equipment is wearing down or needs repair. Consequently, planned and unplanned downtime can be reduced and the maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Technicians can now schedule their interventions based on predictive maintenance analytics and basically fix a piece of equipment or a part before it breaks. If an unexpected break down occurs, maintenance teams will be informed immediately through the CMMS.

Overall, the PEMAC IoT interface can:

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Prevent unnecessary maintenance
  • Help prevent equipment failures
  • Provide improved data analytics
  • Provide accurate real-time data

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Mobile Updates

We know our users need full mobile functionality with accurate data synchronisation – PEMAC Assets is completely mobile and available on both iOS and Android. Calibration Tests can now be completed within the Mobile App meaning operators can complete tests while out in the plant, rather than having to return to a desk to enter data.

Other additions to mobile in this release include the viewing, downloading and adding attachments to Work Requests via the app & completing defect analysis.

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We’re constantly updating our product and our clients have full option to upgrade PEMAC Assets at each release. We schedule the releases and features within each release based on Client and Market requirements.
If you are interested in learning more, contact the team at PEMAC and we’d be happy to talk you through PEMAC Assets.