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The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic is effecting all of us – both in personal and work life. While we all adjust to new working practices and care for those close to us, PEMAC has been implementing a full plan to ensure our business and the protection of our client’s businesses is prioritised. We recognise that our product is critical to Production success and are working to ensure this is maintained.


In line with recommendations from the World Health Organization and local authorities, we are taking steps to reduce our exposure to infection and to limit PEMAC personnel from potentially contracting or spreading COVID-19. These measures include ceasing all company travel and reducing non-essential travel. Where possible, customer meetings and events will be carried out remotely; and all staff have been enabled to work remotely from their homes.

PEMAC Support

Customer Support is fully operational, and our team can be reached via the same phone numbers and emails. Contact Forms are also available on our website with webchat live during business hours.

PEMAC Meetings and Trainings

REMOTE MEETINGS – We understand many companies are restricting visitors to their premises. In view of this, PEMAC have visual conferencing software so can continue with business meetings as required.

REMOTE TRAININGS – Training sessions can be completed using conferencing software with full ability to demonstrate our Software.

E-LEARNINGPEMAC Assets has an in-depth e-learning programme supporting it, covering all roles types and modules. This facilitates users to train in their own location and at their own time.

PEMAC Asset Product Solutions

PEMAC Assets has a number of features within the product that can support the new working practices we are all following –

WEB-INTERFACE – PEMAC Assets is web-based so accessed via a browser and password. All staff working remotely can continue to access PEMAC Assets.

MOBILE – PEMAC Assets is available on mobile as an app for both iOS and Android. Being web-based also enables users to work from web-browsers so can be mobile on tablet too.

PAPERLESS FORMS PEMAC Assets includes an Integrated Work Management System (IWMS) allowing you to take all your paper processes and integrate them into the CMMS reducing paper administration and improving audit and compliance tracking. This is particularly effective now with our clients that are adjusting to a strong headcount working from home as all approval processes and chains can be maintained. Having all of this available then on mobile or through the web interface helps to enable working processes during the conditions many of us find our teams in.

STOCK FORECASTING – PEMAC Assets Stock Control facilitates the management of inventory and spare parts. This is crucial now to production lines as further supplier production lines and delivery schedules may be impacted globally.

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE DATA – Reporting is live in PEMAC Assets with key maintenance data such as Mean Time Between Failures and Asset Availabilty as standard reports. PEMAC Assets also compiles predictive analytics meaning your team can fully operate in proactive maintenance mode with less reactive risk. Predictive metrics ensure forward planning for the right team members and stock availability is accurate leading to higher production uptime.

STAFF & TEAM SCHEDULING – The latest release of PEMAC Assets contains a visual resource planner displaying actual and projected work. It allows planning personnel to review projected resource requirements for jobs and to create schedules to ensure completion of work.  As our work situation changes over the forthcoming weeks as we respond to the pandemic, this overall view can help to adjust planning as needed.

CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT – Most of us are working with tighter controls now and it is imperative to track who is on site, their full contact details and when and where they operated. PEMAC Assets Contractor Management module streamlines this process and links the information directly to the CMMS and Work Orders.

Contact us – If you want to discuss any of the above with us, or need advice on any sections of PEMAC Assets we are available to help.

Contact us here.