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PEMAC Assets CMMS contains a customisable, user-friendly Form Design module enabling paperless workflows – supporting businesses as we aim to maintain social distancing. Using this software allows you to remove the requirement for paper completely across all business functions so approval chains continue even if staff are working from home. Forms can also assure compliance in visitor and contractor tracking.  Specific COVID-19 tracking forms can sit within your Contractor Management workflow – protecting your business and ensuring compliance with Contact tracing if needed.

PEMAC Forms allows you to design to suit your paperless workflow. This workflow configures where the form needs to route to, what actions are required and by which personnel, and has a built-in notification system communicating to each person when they need to act. As PEMAC Forms is available on a web interface and mobile there are no concerns with staff access while working from home.

PEMAC are seeing increased demand for this product over the last few weeks and are working with companies now integrating this software across all operations – as well as the Engineering and manufacturing departments. This software can exist without the CMMS and we have clients now implementing PEMAC Forms within non-engineering departments to follow HR or standard approval flows to create full paperless workflows.

Many of our clients have increased their use of this software and created new paperless Site access forms tracking people as they enter their premises and recording details particularly relevant to COVID 19 and contact tracing.

PEMAC Forms can easily embed into the normal CMMS and Health & Safety functions maintaining and improving tracking and auditing requirements. It can also be integrated with third party ERP, MES or H&S systems to capture and use accurate and up to date information. This allows approval workflows to be attached to maintenance and safety activities.

Further examples of how PEMAC Forms has been applied by clients include:

  • COVID 19 Contact tracing
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Complaint Forms
  • Customer Suggestions/Requests
  • Quality Forms
  • Deviations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Corrective Actions
  • Environmental Health and Safety Issues
  • HR Forms
  • Parental Leave
  • Holiday Requests

Contact PEMAC here if you want to discuss PEMAC Forms. Talk us through your current challenges and we will aim to develop a solution to support you. PEMAC Assets is fully supported by an e-learning training programme so rolling the product out across your business (potentially remotely) is not an issue.

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