Successful Implementation of a CMMS delivers Significant Maintenance Cost Savings

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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

According to DuPont a Maintenance system can lower Business Costs by 12%-18%


PEMAC’s first introduction with customers usually involves a conversation about frustration within Maintenance and Engineering teams – frustration with machine downtime and reactive racing to improve uptime.  Predictive, Preventative or Pro-active maintenance just isn’t happening! Quite often they are using excel to record all maintenance tasks and assets, or a basic CMMS that just isn’t delivering actionable insights to make Engineering and Maintenance successful. Records exist but they are not driving future practices. Does this sound familiar?

As the conversation progresses, a number of other issues arise such as –

  • Maintenance costs are consistently rising while machine downtime doesn’t improve
  • Unable to complete accurate analysis to control operational expenditure
  • Best Practice Management of teams is difficult
  • Full compliance with Health & Safety is difficult to measure
  • Audit readiness is a huge task
  • No integration with other systems within business
  • High level of admin needed with few intelligent and actionable metrics delivered
  • Workflow is clunky and difficult driving low user engagement
  • Mobile working is not possible
  • Using Artificial Intelligence and IOT seems unachievable, way into the future

The issues can continue, but the requirement is obvious and definitive – the current CMMS or method of maintenance management needs to be changed. An investment will have to be made to improve current practices or further, wasted costs will continue.


At PEMAC, we work with our customers to uncover all the issues in place to develop a correct and clear set of objectives for moving forward. PEMAC is a modular, customisable CMMS so we can develop a solution customised for each client’s objectives – using modules and selecting from over 200 Custom features to ensure that the CMMS brings positive results for the Maintenance and Engineering teams.


Working with many different companies from various sectors, we have a cross-set of experience and an overall view of benefits gained by using PEMAC. Over the years we continually monitor and record our client’s successes to ensure that PEMAC is delivering as needed. Project outcomes can vary depending on where companies start from, the implementation approach taken, the adoption of the system and the senior management support given however overall results are positive. The metrics below are a subset of the benefits realized when we measure this average across PEMAC’s existing client base.

According to the Aberdeen Group an Unplanned Job is 3-5 Times more expensive than a Planned Job.

Case Study – Mylan Pharmaceutical

Rottapharm (now Mylan) purchased PEMAC in 2010. At the time they had no maintenance system and were depending on Excel to pass their regulatory audits. They suffered from high unplanned work with 80% in some locations. Their paper-based maintenance system was administratively heavy with no analysis capability.

These are the high-level results that Mylan achieved after switching to PEMAC.

Click Here to read the Mylan Case Study in full.

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