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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

PEMAC Assets Release 2.9 sees an automated integration with Google Maps with a zoom capability right to an actual asset on the plant floor. This integration is available to all customers of PEMAC Assets with the core Assets module.

This new integration allows users of PEMAC Assets to initially view an overhead image of your building(s) – as it would appear in Google Maps overhead street view. The Site record now has a Mapping tab where the PEMAC Assets Administrator can add a Google Map view of the Site. The Google Map default Zoom Level and Cluster Count level can also be configured here.

GIS location data stored at the location level will allow PEMAC Assets to display pins identifying the location of any entity linked to a location – basically displaying the locations where current Work Orders & Visit Requests exist. Clicking on each pin will then display further information on the requirements.

Clicking further on the building image will then zoom the user to a closer image of the building facade, in which sublocations can be highlighted, such as floors or different areas in the building. And again, a further click will zoom right to actual images of assets in that sublocation – with full asset history and current activity displayed on screen.

This Google Maps update gives an ideal visualisation of work required matched to locations – specifically useful for larger plants or those with many Assets. It can be given to external contractors, so they know exactly where and what they are dealing with before entering your premise. It’s also an ideal time-saving solution for Maintenance Engineers on the plant floor to pin-point jobs close to where they are and prioritise their own schedules.

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