PEMAC ASSETS RELEASE 3.0 – Offering new enhancements

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The latest release of PEMAC Assets is now live with updates across several modules. PEMAC Assets v3.0 contains enhancements to Google Map Integration, the ability to create Forms and Contractor Visits via the Mobile App and Inventory Cycle Counting in addition to several other feature enhancements.

Google Map Integration


Google Map Integration now offers drilldown to location images and extra fields on the work order tooltip. The Mobile application has updated capabilities in several of its tabs including Contractor Visit Requests, Form Creation, Child Forms view, Jobs Near Me, Location Filter, Selecting Rates, Added fields on the Asset popup, Completing of Direct Histories, Option to copy the Reference Instrument to all Calibration Tests, Rescheduling Occasional Routines.





Under the Assets feature, the total cost of ownership by year is now a function while the Spares module offers a number of enhancements including Inventory Cycle Counting, Spare Part Photo enhancement, Allow Spares/Bins to be optionally filtered by Store, Spare Part Weight field, Field Management in the Spare Details screen, Spare Store Details Maximum Quantity field and Link to Alternative Spare Part.


The Maintenance function now has additional columns in the Routines grid along with ‘Jobs Completed on Time’ Dashboard, both the Work Scheduler Bulk Assign and Work Scheduler Drag and Drop have been enhanced and a Filter by routine type added. Forms have been updated to include Auto-Populate Form Data when attached to a Work Order or Routine and a Form Template Routines tab along with Custom icons and a User Access Control List.

Contractor Management




Contractor Management has updates in Company Approval and Document Approval. The Service Desk has included a Location Hierarchy button. Administration offers updates with Additional Clickthrough Functionality and Approver added to the ‘Work Order Overdue’ Notification. Spare Part – Images Data Import Sheet and Data Import Enhancements have been updated. Auditing has been enhanced to reduce database growth and improve database management and performance.

These are just some of the updates from PEMAC Assets Release 3.0.

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