PEMAC ASSETS RELEASE 3.1 – Production Planning, Maintenance, Dashboards and more…

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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

The latest release of PEMAC Assets is now live with updates across several modules. PEMAC Assets v3.1 contains enhancements to Production Lines, Assets, Maintenance, Dashboards, Reports and Contractor Management.

Production Planning 

A detailed Production Plan can now be added to a Production Line.

Production Plan Downtime Metrics

Uptime is a key performance indicator in manufacturing. Production Line Downtime Metrics provide the Production Manager with overview of the Line reliability and the performance of Assets on the Line.

Maintenance Windows on the Work Scheduler

Maintenance Windows on the Work Scheduler allow Maintenance Managers to easily identify gaps in Production so that maintenance jobs can be scheduled.

Enhancements to Maintenance include: 

Downtime Analysis

The Downtime Analysis section in a History record allows engineers to enter a detailed log of how much time was spent at each stage of an Asset breakdown from stoppage to restart. This allows Managers to readily identify where efficiencies can be made.

Bulk Update : Routine Next Due Date

The ‘Routine Next Due Date’ data import sheet allows the easy bulk update of the ‘Date Next Due’ field on Routines.

Downtime Tracking

Improvements to Mean Downtime calculations

Downtime metrics displayed across the system have been enhanced by allowing users to specify a date range within which the calculations are performed.

This allows Maintenance managers to easily interrogate the downtime metrics for an Asset, Asset Type or Production Line to gain an understanding of uptime. Additionally, reports have been enhanced to further display very targeted downtime metric data.


In PEMAC Assets, interactive Dashboards give managers an overview of key metrics at a glance. The following Dashboards and KPI have been added to the Assets Dashboard.

  • Production Runtime lost due to Breakdowns (last 30 days) KPI
  • Downtime Analysis Dashboard
  • Planned Activity by Work Dashboard
  • Breakdown Hours Dashboard
  • History Breakdowns Dashboard

The Unused Stock Report displays spares parts that have not been used so that Store Managers can optimise stock.

If you require more information on PEMAC and our product suite, please contact us