PEMAC Assets CMMS Release 3.2

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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

We are delighted to announce the latest enhancements to PEMAC Assets.

Download our new PEMAC Assets CMMS Brochure 

PEMAC Assets is a Best-of-Breed CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) designed to assist you in the planning, management and implementation of an effective asset maintenance strategy.

With more than 200 features, PEMAC Assets Release 3.2 is now available and includes the following key enhancements:

Google Mapping Enhancements

Google Mapping has been enhanced to allow Maintenance Managers to easily view all Jobs, Visits and Forms at a parent location where the parent location can be linked to one or more sub-locations. A built-in location tree on the tooltip allows users to quickly drill into buildings and other sub locations.

Mapping Floor plan with sublocation and linked records
Mapping – Location Tree

New Dashboards: Planned vs Unplanned Work Dashboard

The ‘Planned vs Unplanned Work Dashboard’ is a pie chart that displays planned versus unplanned work as a percentage value. This allows Maintenance Managers to quickly evaluate where time is being lost.

Ten Poorest Performing Assets Based on Mean Time Between Failures

The ’Ten Poorest Performing Assets Based on Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) is a bar chart that displays a list of assets and their Mean Time Between Failures value in hours. Drilling down into an asset will display a MTBF trend over time allowing Maintenance managers to understand the frequency of failure and why equipment fails and thereby informing how Preventative Maintenance plans for this asset need to be altered to prevent failure.

Mobile Support for ATEX Rugged Devices

Mobile App

The PEMAC Mobile App now runs on ATEX Rugged devices, such as Android Based barcode scanners, that do not have a camera or GPS. Camera and GPS functions are disabled when not supported by the underlying Operating System or hardware.

Defect Analysis

Defect Analysis has been added to the Service Desk and Work Orders screens to allow the experience of Operations to provide input to Maintenance as to what the problem might be and thereby saving Maintenance diagnostic time.

Scheduler Export

Jobs displayed in the scheduler can now be exported to Excel.

Extra Language Support

PEMAC Assets contains additional Language Packs for German, Dutch and Finnish as well as an updated Spanish Language Pack. These Language Packs can also be used in PEMAC Assets v3.1.

Forms: Enhanced Designer Editor

The Designer Editor has been streamlined and fully supports both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Drag and drop is supported when moving or resizing images, fields, tables and sections. PEMAC now supports a custom image library that can be shared in all forms and templates and is integrated within the new form designer.

Editing of a Calibration Type on Routine

Maintenance managers can now change the Routine Calibration Type from a ‘Regular Asset’ to a ‘Calibration Asset’ or ‘Reference Instrument’ and vice versa.

Person Approval

A Contractor Manager can now nominate a Skill as requiring documentation. If a Person has a Skill that requires documentation, then that Person cannot be approved until the required documentation is attached to the Skill on their record.

New Notifications

The following Notifications have been added to expedite approval of Persons and Companies:

• Person Requires Approval

• Mandatory Person Skills Near Expiry

• Mandatory Person Skill Expired

If you would like to learn more about PEMAC Assets, please contact Stephen Davis, Marketing Director, on +353 87 6017740 or via email