PEMAC Assets CMMS Release version 3.5

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We are delighted to announce that PEMAC Assets version 3.5 is now available . Key enhancements in this release include:

  • Microsoft® Azure Integration so that user accounts are automatically created in PEMAC Assets when a new user is added to Azure.
  • Support for nine base currencies (up from three) so that multisite businesses can now enter financial data in a wide range of currencies without restriction.
  • Several other enhancements have been added in areas such as routine update operations, maintenance and integrations.

PEMAC Assets 3.5 now provides Microsoft® Azure authentication. This allows the creation of a single identity for each user across the organisation.

When logging in for the first time using their Azure account, the user will be assigned the newly created Service Desk Permissions group and the Requestor Role (if there are sufficient Requestor Roles available) and assigned to the Default Site. This feature is available on both the PEMAC Assets desktop and mobile application.



Addition of Six Extra Base Currencies


PEMAC Assets 3.5 now supports nine base currencies facilitating multisite enterprises to enter financial data without restriction. The Asset, Work Order and Work History Jasper Reports Server Domains have been updated to support nine Base Currencies to allow the creation of dynamic financial reports.


‘Bulk Edit Operation on Routines

The ‘More Options’ menu in the Routine grid now has the following options:

Bulk Assign

‘Bulk Assign’ allows a Resource or Trade to be added to several Routines in a single step.


Bulk Reassign 

‘Bulk Reassign’ which allows the Trade or Resource on one or more Routines to be updated at once.


Bulk Edit Routines

PEMAC Assets now supports the Bulk Edit of Routines.



Other enhancements include:

  • Field Management has been updated for spare receipts and spare issue.
  • Bulk Assign and Re-assign Job Resources on Routines, Downtime Metrics calculations improved.
  • Logging on the Gateway Client has been enhanced to improve efficiency.
  • PEMAC Assets now supports locally installed Bartender printers interfacing with cloud based servers.
  • Additional fields have been added to the Bulk Edit Operation.

If you would like to learn more about PEMAC Assets, please contact Stephen Davis, Marketing Director, on +353 87 6017740 or via email