PEMAC Assets CMMS Release V3.6

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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

We are delighted to announce that PEMAC Assets version 3.6 is now available. PEMAC Assets v3.6 contains a range of security enhancements as well as updates to existing features.

Security – A range of important security enhancements were added to PEMAC Assets v3.6 as part of our ongoing efforts to further strengthen application security.

Assets – The ‘Assets’ grid within PEMAC Assets can now be filtered and sorted by departmental contact.

Maintenance – 

Administrators can now control who has the ability to create follow on work orders.

A new counter has been added to allow maintenance managers to readily identify if a history has linked follow on work orders.

‘Work Category’ has been added as a column to the ‘Follow On Work Orders’ grid.




PEMAC Forms – Users now have greater ability to view and resolve inactive records across a range of lookup fields.

Stock Control –

  • Purchase Order (PO) numbering options have been enhanced with the addition of simple sequencing and the ability to adjust PO prefixes.
  • A ‘Modified By’, ‘Modified From/To’ and ‘Created From/To’ filters are now available in the ‘Transaction’ grid to allow store managers to find transactions modified by an individual.
  • The ‘PO Approver’ dropdown menu now displays approval limits, allowing Purchasing Managers to easily select approvers that have sufficient authority to approve a particular PO.

PEMAC Mobile – 

  • Technicians can now filter by ‘Work Category’ in the ‘Jobs’ screen.
  • Mandatory fields are now highlighted so technicians can readily identify fields that must be completed on a record.


If you would like to learn more about PEMAC Assets, please contact Stephen Davis, Marketing Director, on +353 1 5175153 or via email