Uncover Key Asset Insights with PEMAC Software 

Asset Maintenance Management Software

It’s impossible to minimise downtime and get the most out of your people and equipment without a clear understanding of asset performance.  

With an intuitive interface, PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software makes it easier to improve the availability, reliability, and maintainability of your assets throughout their lifecycles.   

Understand more about your assets and how they’re performing with PEMAC’s powerful software.  


Why Asset Performance & Reporting is Key

Well-maintained assets are less likely to break down, malfunction or fall out of specification, so it makes good business sense to have a full view of how they’re performing at all times.  

Optimal Asset Function

Identify underused or idle assets that can be redeployed elsewhere.

Improved Reliability

Regular reporting and analysis of asset performance can help businesses identify reliability issues and take corrective actions.

Lower Costs

Asset performance management allows businesses to assess the total cost of ownership, including maintenance, repairs, and operational expenses.


Evidenced Decisions

Businesses can use the data to determine whether to repair, replace, or upgrade assets, as well as plan future investments.


Complete reports of all asset interventions are necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, particularly in healthcare, food and beverages, and the life sciences. 

Clearer Benchmarking and KPIs

Asset performance reporting helps companies gauge their asset efficiency and productivity relative to industry peers, identifying areas for improvement.

Stakeholder Management

Reports are valuable for communicating with investors, clients, and regulatory bodies.

Key Features

Live Reporting

Developed to support LEAN and AMIS operations.

Flexibility in Data Handling

Export and analyse data with ease using customisable grid exports, allowing users to select columns, apply filters, and export to PDF or Excel formats for further processing.

Comprehensive Reporting Categories

Access a wide range of detailed reports across asset management, maintenance optimisation, cost management, purchase orders, and maintenance workload management, aiding effective maintenance planning, cost control, and resource management.

Dashboard Overview

Deliver real-time value-based information through a dashboard, empowering users to make informed decisions to reduce costs, minimise downtime, and optimise maintenance operations.

Customisable Reports

Generate and customise reports based on specific criteria, providing tailored insights into asset management, maintenance optimisation, cost analysis, and more.

Learn More About Your CMMS     

PEMAC is constantly adding new blogs, case studies, and eBooks to our website. Visit the PEMAC Resources section to learn how to get the most out of your CMMS.  

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Our CMMS is Designed for Simple Integration 

PEMAC ASSETS is a highly scalable CMMS with numerous modules and features that can be easily added or changed to suit your needs.    

PEMAC ASSETS works with a wide range of third-party systems and smart machines, and it contains an automated integration with SAP. Once live, you’ll never have to worry about siloed data or incomplete information.  

CMMS Designed for Simple Integration

Master Your Asset Performance with PEMAC 

Data is one thing; knowing what to do with it is another. PEMAC ASSETS CMMS delivers clarity, through relevant and actionable insights.   

Give your team the intelligence it needs to succeed in competitive markets. Contact our team today.