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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

In addition to PEMAC Assets system reports, PEMAC provides Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services to assist clients in simplifying reporting and providing greater business insights into maintenance activities and asset lifecycle performance.

Our Business Intelligence consulting teams follow a BI Service Model approach to understand a business and its maintenance and operations goals, interpret CMMS and third-party system data, and offer advice to ensure maintenance management goals are achieved. PEMAC’s BI Service Model is illustrated as follows:

The Business Analysis phase of the PEMAC Business Intelligence (BI) Service model focuses on understanding the objectives and requirements from a business perspective and then converting this knowledge into a Business Intelligence problem definition.

The ‘Prepare’ phase includes problem shaping, data readiness preparation and initial BI mock-up development.

The ‘Evaluate’ phase focuses on validating initial BI designs and optimising for final deployment.

The ‘Deploy’ phase is the ‘Go-Live’ time when dashboards and reporting are enabled, and key user operational training is delivered.

The ‘Adapt’ phase considers operational and business environment changes as well as key user requests. This phase accommodates BI change requests through either a case-by-case service request model or ‘BI As a Service’ model under an SLA agreement.

PEMAC’s Business Intelligence Service is independent of Business Intelligence applications, however, our consultants have a wide variety of experience using applications such as Power BI, TIBCO Jaspersoft, SSRS and others.

What Our Partners Say

“Production intelligence and smart manufacturing solutions will be more important than ever in a post-COVID world. PEMAC has been helping their clients make better asset and maintenance management decisions for over 30 years. This is the ideal partnership for us and one that will help make our vision of the factory of the future a reality.”

Charles Williams