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Accurate Calibration Management Software 

Asset-intensive industries rely on equipment to work within set parameters. This is important for producing consistent, high-quality products, but also for configured instruments to provide sample results within acceptable ranges.  

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS automates this process, making it easier for your business to focus on core activities that add more value.  

Ensure consistency across all your installed assets.  

Why Calibration Matters

Calibration is an essential part of maintenance and is critical across a wide range of industries, including food and beverages, general manufacturing, healthcare and oil and gas.

It provides operators with a better understanding of their equipment, and its ability to produce accurate recorded measurements. While calibration has always been central to production environments, its importance continues to grow as sectors adopt Industry 4.0 initiatives that rely on good data to generate desirable outcomes.  

Traditionally, the process has seen experts providing reports that demonstrate the frequency of measurement errors before and after calibration. However, with a CMMS, this testing process can be improved significantly.  


The Benefits of Calibrated Instruments and Equipment


Calibration ensures that measuring instruments are accurate, reliable, and provide consistent results.


Most industries are subject to regulations and standards that require instruments and equipment to be calibrated regularly.

Fewer Errors

Inaccurate measurements can lead to costly errors, product defects, and wasted resources.


Reliable Data

Accurate measurements provide reliable data for more informed and intelligent decision-making.

Quality Control

Calibrated equipment ensures products meet specified quality standards common to pharmaceuticals, general manufacturing, and healthcare.

Extended Equipment Lifespans

By addressing calibration deviations promptly, companies can extend the lifespan of their instruments and avoid premature failures.

Correct, Meaningful, and Accurate Measurements

Calibration testing is automated within PEMAC ASSETS CMMS, and all instruments requiring calibration are automatically tagged and test results recorded.  

Instruments can be linked to their corresponding assets, allowing impacted assets to be moved to ‘out of service’ until all deviations are resolved.  

calibration management software

Key Features Include:  

Plan and schedule calibration tasks for instruments and equipment based on predefined intervals, ensuring compliance with calibration standards and regulations. 

Generate and store calibration certificates with detailed information about the calibration process, measurement data, and results for auditing and compliance purposes. 

Define and store calibration procedures, standards, and tolerances for various asset types and measurement parameters to ensure consistent and accurate calibrations. 

Receive automated alerts and notifications for upcoming calibration due dates, ensuring timely calibration tasks and preventing potential deviations. 

Reference calibration groups when any asset within a reference instrument exceeds its tolerance.  PEMAC ASSETS triggers instant alerts for all other assets within the same group, ensuring continuous accuracy across your entire range. 

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PEMAC ASSETS is Modular Software Developed for Your Business

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software can be configured in many different ways, owing to its modular set up. Businesses can add and remove modules as they see fit, as well as integrate other third-party applications for a complete, end-to-end solution.  


Ensure Accuracy Across All Your Instruments and Equipment  

It was once a labour-intensive task, but calibration is now far quicker, more straightforward, and error-free with a CMMS like PEMAC ASSETS.  

Free up your team and ensure accuracy. Call the PEMAC team today.