Digital Work Management

Maximise Efficiency with PEMAC’s Digital Work Management Software

Digital Work Management is the most effective way for businesses to keep track of their processes and workflows – especially those that were managed using conventional manual and paper-based processes.  

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS can digitalise any paper-based process for maintenance work, creating an electronic version for staff to assign, complete, and archive.  

What is Digital Work Management? 

At PEMAC, we understand the challenges of managing maintenance in a complex manufacturing environment.  

Our Digital Work Management suite offers a comprehensive set of CMMS features and add-on modules that seamlessly integrate with the core PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software

These modules empower you to digitalise crucial information, automate tasks, and optimise processes, all aimed at streamlining your maintenance operations. 


Benefits of Digital Work Management

Unlock a range of benefits by embracing the PEMAC ASSETS Digital Work Management suite: 


Fosters collaboration and communication among your maintenance teams, leading to improved outcomes.

Centralised Information

Ensures staff have access to the latest and most relevant information and resources, minimising errors.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline your maintenance workflows and optimise resource allocations, leading to increased operational efficiency.  


Streamlined Workflows

Simplify complex processes with the PEMAC FORMS module, digitalising paper-based procedures with integrated workflows and approvals.


With Digital Work Management, tasks can be prioritised based on urgency and importance

Live Updates

Teams can receive notifications and updates as they occur.

Remote Work Support

Enables employees to access work-related information and collaborate with colleagues, even if they are not physically present.


Provides a clear view of maintenance status, task ownership and progress, fostering accountability among team members.

Our Digital Work Management Suite is Packed with Useful Features and Modules

Elevate your maintenance operations to new heights with the PEMAC ASSETS comprehensive Digital Work Management suite.  

This suite is thoughtfully curated to address the unique demands of modern manufacturing environments. 

Each module is meticulously designed to cater to specific needs, ensuring you have the tools necessary to optimise processes, automate tasks, and drive efficiency across your maintenance workflows. 

Work Order Management Software Solutions

Key Features Include:  

Access to critical CMMS functionalities on-the-go, ensuring your team stays connected and informed, even outside the office with PEMAC ASSETS Mobile. 

Visualise your assets on interactive maps, enhancing spatial awareness, and enabling better asset management.  

Seamlessly integrate with other software tools, facilitating data exchange and interoperability.
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Transform paper-based processes into digital workflows with approval mechanisms, reducing manual effort and ensuring compliance. 

Construct intricate Business Intelligence (BI) reports and dynamic dashboards to extract actionable insights from your maintenance data. 

Looking for More Detail?

Head over to our Resources Section to read the latest blogs, case studies, and eBooks from the PEMAC team.  

Revolutionise Your Workplace with PEMAC 

Digital economies require digital tools for businesses to succeed. With PEMAC ASSETS, your business becomes leaner, more adaptable, and competitive. 

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