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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

Manufacturing plants are busy, operating spaces with a requirement to boost productivity coherently and efficiently at profit while maintaining a high level of management of the most important assets – people and equipment.

For Maintenance teams, the primary goal is to adhere to production schedules whilst also keeping costs down and safety high. Central to this is to gain control over your inventory, extend the life of your assets and conquer maintenance backlogs. Unplanned breakdowns and shutdowns are too high a risk to your business so an effective, predictive maintenance strategy and plan must be in place.

PEMAC Assets supports all of these tasks by automating and streamlining your Maintenance Intelligence. PEMAC Assets, with a complete Asset Register, offers you the ability to schedule, plan and track work routines, equipment and hours, all while controlling costs.  Our technology, available as an on premise installation or SAAS, with a proven intuitive interface is supported by an ELearning programme so all staff at multiple plants can be easily trained and certified. PEMAC Assets can easily integrate with existing systems in your organisation facilitating easier TQM. Overall, it enables you to increase equipment reliability and uptime, reduce maintenance and the cost of spare parts, manage suppliers and stock, and boost productivity.

In addition, PEMAC Assets allows you to manage your people better. With integrated Health & Safety, Contractors can be managed, permits issued, training and insurances managed and the correct person allocated to the right job – all contained in the one system. Added to this, PEMAC Assets has an integrated system of paperless approval forms, which can be designed in line with your organisation’s requirements – reducing paper and signature chasing and maintaining an accurate record of approval. By streamlining maintenance, PEMAC can enable your business run faster, better and more profitably.

Key Features

Keep a record of all assets on site.

Schedule, track and close work orders.

Intelligent and configurable dashboards reporting current and historical Asset Downtime, defect analysis, MTTR, Work Orders, Maintenance cost by asset, Work orders, cost of spares, and hours

Track and manage stock room inventories monitoring demand for spares over time with low stock alerts

Ensure staff and equipment are operating at optimum capacity.

Manages request and receipt of stock.

Integrated tool containing Permit management, induction control, EHS event tracking, Risk assessment & contractor management.

Easily configurable forms approval system removing paper and wet signatures from workflow.

Easily integrate with incumbent systems across your organisation such as Meter Reading Systems, OEE and Finance systems such as SAP and Integra.

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