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We provide a full implementation service with PEMAC solutions. Our extensive experience ensures that the process is consistent in its approach and measured in terms of outcomes.

Our cross-function team structure means that our services team collaborate regularly with the developers who create and update the products. Indeed, our teams regularly participate in from-the-ground-up product development sessions meaning our team has a heightened understanding of the mechanics of the features installed.

We bring the vast experience of our technicians to the process to ensure a successful implementation outcome. We have project managed and implemented hundreds of systems over the years and we bring that experience to bear during the process.

Implementation services include:


Data import

Project Management



Report Development

Integration with 3rd Party Software Systems


Maintenance support may also include:

Product support


Data import

Designing a training plan specific to your situation

Writing a specification document for requested client functionality

Configuration of the system

Consultancy and advice on how to implement our systems to obtain optimum benefit