Maintenance Accountability

Managing a large workforce can be a challenging task. Preventative maintenance results in fewer breakdowns and allows for the effective management of maintenance team workloads. This means a more efficient, effective and accountable deployment of your human resources.

Efficiency and Visibility

PEMAC Assets helps you to efficiently schedule, assign, monitor and close work orders quickly and easily. Our easy-to-use platform gives you the visibility to track work orders and to ensure your team is working to optimum levels and standards.

Improves Accountability

PEMAC Assets improves staff accountability by enabling you to evaluate the root cause, identify training needs, who did specific work and the re-occurrence rates of problems (via defect analysis).


PEMAC Assets records all activities in the ‘Asset Register’ which can be viewed by the maintenance team. This means that technicians can rely on past experience to solve problems when it comes to repairing or conducting maintenance on the asset.

Real Time Information

With PEMAC Assets your maintenance personal can view real-time information (about procedures, parts and tools necessary), check inventory, initiate, edit and sign-off work orders as appropriate from mobile devices, improving productivity and reducing labour and contractor costs.

Create Full Audit Trail

PEMAC Assets improves accountability by allowing you to generate full Audit trail reporting of the maintenance activities surrounding an asset.

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