Maintenance Cost Reduction

Lean manufacturing relentlessly eliminates waste from manufacturing and provides a direct path to reduce costs, by providing a broad range of tools and countermeasures to improve the manufacturing process. Asset maintenance forms a large part of this strategy because it allows you spend less and get the most out of your asset resources.

Reduce Repair Costs

PEMAC Assets reduces repair costs. Regularly maintained assets are less prone to failure and consequently translate into a reduction in repair costs.

Maintain Stock Levels

PEMAC Assets enables you to record stock levels and deliver significant savings in the form of appropriately maintained stock levels. Significant reductions in over-stocking and a system where the correct spare parts is always on hand and maintenance can be performed quickly can be achieved.

Peace of Mind

PEMAC Assets gives you the security that assets and equipment are available when needed, running efficiently and cost effectively.

Optimise Asset Lifecycle

PEMAC Assets extends the life of your asset. Using technical data, real-time insights and predictive maintenance PEMAC Assets provides you with the tools to optimise the lifecycle of your assets. Asset life extension reduces associated maintenance costs while increasing your returns. Well maintained assets last longer and significant replacement savings can be achieved.

logo_rottapharm_madaus_colori3Rottapharm Dublin Case Study

PEMAC’s solutions have helped Rottapharm Dublin achieve a 64% decrease in maintenance cost. We’re very satisfied with the success of the implementation from PEMAC. It not only enabled us to achieve our objectives, but it has continued to provide us with significant additional benefits for our operations.

PEMAC provided us with a high level of support throughout the process and continues to do so today. We would have no hesitation in recommending PEMAC and their innovative software solutions to any company

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