Maintenance Strategy

PEMAC Assets is a web-based, multi-site computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that helps you in your journey to lean manufacturing by enabling you to effectively manage assets and maximise goals.

Ensure Full Visibility

PEMAC Assets allows you to schedule, assign, monitor and close work orders quickly and easily. Our easy-to-use platform allows you track work orders from request to closure and capture asset data points (Downtime, MTTR, Defect analysis) to ensure assets are working to optimum levels and standards.

Lower Repair Costs

PEMAC Assets helps you to lower repair costs. Planned maintenance costs less than unplanned maintenance. Regularly maintained assets are less prone to failure and consequently significant reductions in repair costs can be achieved.

Less Downtime

Less downtime and less disruption with PEMAC Assets. PEMAC Assets helps you put in place a Planned maintenance strategy, work can be carried out at a time that suits the organisation (minimizing disruption to production schedules) meaning less disruption in day to day operations, less downtime and direct cost savings.

Intelligence Dashboard

PEMAC Assets Intelligence Dashboard displays information on downtime, asset utilisation and planned versus unplanned maintenance, allowing you to easily calculate Asset Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), capital replacement and store carrying costs and make evidence based strategic decisions.

logo_rottapharm_madaus_colori3Rottapharm Dublin Case Study

PEMAC Maintenance and Paperless Workflow solutions have helped Rottapharm Dublin achieve an increase in planned maintenance activities from 10% in 2009 to 70% 2015 Additionally, no paper is used in any aspect of general maintanance work carried out on the Rottapharm site which has enabled improved maintenance efficiency, remote approval and the environmental benefit.

Rottapharm won the 2012 e-Factory Hall of Fame Award at the 6th Annual Strategic Manufacturing Awards in Dusseldorf for its work in integrating its production and engineering software systems to produce a paperless environment.

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