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Efficiency Dominates Maintenance Operations following New Solutions

CG Power Solutions is a global engineering conglomerate operating in 9 countries including CG Power Systems Ireland based in County Cavan. In 2007, the Irish branch appointed a new engineering manager who identified several key areas requiring improvement.


The work order management system needed addressing. It was paper-based along with being manually operated allowing for a slower process and room for error as well as data on projects not being readily available for production meetings. The process created difficulty when it came to the management of work between the day and night shifts. It also resulted in a lack of transparency when it came to the volume of the workload.

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Preventative Maintenance

Choosing PEMAC supported by the user-friendly PEMAC Web Helpdesk would enable CG Power Systems Ireland to implement a preventative maintenance strategy for their assets

Remote Access

The software would allow both planned and unplanned maintenance activities to be stored in one place enabling the effective management of the department’s workload, either using a PC or remotely using mobile devices

Complete Visibility

It would mean the complete visibility on all work undertaken, showing the live status of all work requests as well as providing a full history of the entire maintenance workload for both reporting and future analysis. It would also act as a shift log leading to faster shift changeovers and improved communication

Paperless System

The paperless system would reduce administrative costs and the risk of human error


By CG Systems Ireland implementing PEMAC Maintenance and Web Helpdesk, it improved efficiency in their operations, reduced equipment failures and downtime. Becoming paperless reduced resource requirements and administrative requirements. Overall, it increased accuracy, visibility as well as complete traceability and accountability across their maintenance operations.

Thankfully the PEMAC Web Helpdesk ticked all the boxes. We are grabbing 95% or more of the workload coming through and I can check the status of any job at any time…With over 450 people working here at CG, there is a lot of workload going through the maintenance department; now we can effectively manage that workflow.
Stephen McSharry – Engineering Manager, CG Power Systems Ireland.

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