OpenAPI: Enabling seamless systems integration with CMMS

Integrating a CMMS or Maintenance Management System with inventory, accounting, purchasing systems and other enterprise management systems is essential for many organisations.
For smaller companies that don’t have the luxury of sophisticated EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems with built-in CMMS modules, integration with other systems may be complex, time-consuming, and expensive, and may not be easy to accomplish without skilled IT people. This is where an OpenAPI can be extremely beneficial. Download our full article to learn more…
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How much can you save using PEMAC?


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What is Maintenance Management Software?

A CMMS solution can enable you to better organise, plan and manage routine maintenance activities, whatever industry you work in. In today’s modern, digitised workplace, maintenance software is an essential tool and could significantly reduce costs within your facility over time.

Maintenance Management with PEMAC Assets?

PEMAC Assets is designed to assist you in the planning, management and implementation of an effective asset maintenance strategy. PEMAC Assets Maintenance module allows you to dynamically create preventative maintenance plans via Routines; generate, plan and report on Work Orders generated from Routines; and record results using Work Histories.

Strategically PEMAC’s Maintenance Intelligence Dashboard and Reports allow you to use historic and real-time data to create time or performance-based maintenance strategies and ensure maximum asset availability.

Interactive Dashboards then give you a full, real-time overview of Maintenance at a glance allowing full drill-down into segments of data as needed.

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