Paperless Workflow

The goal of ‘paperless’ is to minimise the steps required to deal with both incoming and outgoing paper and to optimise your access to your digital file. PEMAC Forms enables you to increase your efficiency by allowing you to establish 100% paperless workflows.

LOB Application

PEMAC Forms is a no-code Line of Business (LOB) application that completely adapts to your business processes.

Electronic Workflow

PEMAC Forms agile platform allows you design your forms/processes according to your own business rules and automate them into an electronic workflow. Within the system you can set-up the approval workflow, get instant email alerts, record activities and submit requests all on a simple mobile platform.

Meet Standards

For highly regulated industries PEMAC Forms ensures that standards are met in a meticulous and systematic manner as required by company and regulatory guidelines.

Online Approval Process

PEMAC Forms online approval process reduces the need for ‘wet signatures’ and protects the validity of signature, identity of signer and the integrity of the signed document.

“Working within a highly regulated environment, it was of critical importance to us to find a paperless solution that complies with our controlled environment requirements. PEMAC Forms allowed us to go paperless and create a more defined and strict process, in addition the fact that the module is fully customizable is of immense benefit to us. Essentially any form request within our company can be created on the PEMAC forms system meaning we have a centralised and accessible hub in which we can generate our Forms. We enjoy a collaborative, flexible and fully professional working relationship PEMAC, which ensures that we get optimal value from PEMAC Forms.”

Fortune 500 Medical Devices firm

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