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PEMAC Care protects your organisation and people by helping you plan, implement and manage company-wide Occupational Health and Safety processes and procedures. Our easy-to-use system is designed to ensure that; you have 100% visibility of all contractors onsite, that the correct method statements and insurances are in place, the required skill levels are met, appropriate inductions have been received and permits to works issued. PEMAC Care also allows you to create risk assessments, identify hazards, introduce control measures and run audit reports, all in one simple web based paperless system.

Key Benefits

Use PEMAC Care to mirror industry best practices in your occupational Health and Safety processes. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to use experiences and Industry guidelines to define your own formats, including tailored workflows to suit your company’s needs.
PEMAC Care helps you ensure that all contractors adhere to defined policies. The system enables you to have one central location for all approved contractors and to actively manage this list using automatic reminders. Additionally, the system will notify security/internal contacts that a contractor will be on-site.
PEMAC Care’s visitor calendar records contractor entry and exit, while an online map pinpoints the contractor’s location while on-site.
PEMAC Care stores and gives you easy access to decision enabling information such as a skills and training register, public liability insurance details, method statements and inductions completed.
Allow PEMAC Care match suitable personnel for work based on the skills needed to complete. It quickly identifies minimum skill/training requirements based on the job classification and identifies ‘best fit’ personnel for the task (particularly hazardous work). This ensures that the planned maintenance is completed by relevantly skilled engineers.
Use PEMAC Care to allow contractors submit their method statement in advance for review by health and safety managers.
PEMAC Care’s user definable risk scoring system enables you to score outcomes, specify how long the risk assessment remains valid, manage remedial actions and automatically emails people who have been assigned an action.
Use PEMAC Care to track EHS events (incidents, accidents and near misses) on-site, control investigations and subsequent follow-up actions.
Effortlessly integrate PEMAC Care with PEMAC Assets. Work orders created in PEMAC Assets will indicate required permits, permits are then created in PEMAC CARE and the work can only proceed once the permits are issued.
PEMAC Care manages all your permit to work activity centrally providing visibility, traceability and a location to capture and retain knowledge. Create your own permit ‘look and feel’ and design a paperless workflow unique to that permit. Specify expected hazards for that permit type and automatically suggest controls.
PEMAC Care supports ‘sub permits’ and links all permits together. Where a dependency exists Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) is initiated where the system can prevent the main work commencing until lock out is completed.
PEMAC Care’s ‘conflict management’ warns users if a permit is currently active against an asset or if there is a warning or recent incident active in a particular location. It also allows you to set up isolation points per asset and manage the de-isolation process
PEMAC Care’s induction module allows for contractors to complete the necessary inductions remotely before they arrive on site. This ensures that all contractors have the appropriate pre-qualifications completed and additionally saves on the costs associated with on-site inductions.
PEMAC Care allows you to create your own audit types and assign corrective actions arising from an audit quickly. Additionally, the system automatically updates the Audit Report as actions are closed-off.
Use PEMAC Care on an Apple IPad or a 10″ Android tablet to issue permits, identify isolations at point of work and perform risk assessments at location. Audits can be completed quickly and with ease reducing administration and encouraging compliance.

Organisational Benefits

pemac_product_care_blue_iconDynamically implement your Health and Safety ‘best practice’ processes
pemac_product_care_blue_iconComplete visibility of all permitting and contractors on site.
pemac_product_care_blue_iconEnsures Safety and Assesses Risk before work starts.
pemac_product_care_blue_iconDemonstrates Auditing practices to Regulators.
pemac_product_care_blue_iconHelps reduce paperwork and time resources.

Key Technical Features

  • Easy to Use Web based Multisite system.
  • Permit Workflows allow capture of online signatures for paperless operation

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PEMAC Care customers have successfully achieved a ZERO incident rate related to permit to work activity and reduced the time taken to complete an audit from 2 days to 2 hours.



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