PEMAC Forms is a 100% paperless workflow approval system that can help your organisation overcome the costs and inefficiencies associated with paper-based systems. Globally organisations have common problems with paper based systems including, higher cycle times for approval, lost or partially approved signatures, unavailability of approvers or proxies, poor visibility of process, costs associated with storage, indexing and document management and the high administration costs for physically signed documentation.

PEMAC Forms powerful and versatile interface can be used across and within departments such as human resources, maintenance, quality control, engineering, production and purchasing, anywhere a paperless workflow process can be implemented.

What is PEMAC Forms?

Key Benefits

PEMAC Forms no-code agile platform helps you to redesign your business processes easily and effectively improving efficiency and making systems more accessible.
PEMAC Forms enables a 100% paperless operation thereby removing the costs associated with paper, storage, indexing, administration, document management and the retrieval of information from paper-based systems.
PEMAC Forms provides significant return on investment (ROI) by extending usage of the product across multiple Departments, and through the direct cost savings realised by eliminating paper.
Allow PEMAC Forms remote approval of workflows to increase process efficiency and reduce process time by opening up the bottlenecks created by the need to collect ‘wet signatures’.
Use PEMAC Forms workflow approval process to guarantee the validity of signature, the identity of the signer and the integrity of the signed document.
Use PEMAC forms to reduce non value adding activities by leveraging off existing software systems, reducing data duplication and administration.
Information can be instantly retrieved from the online system.
PEMAC Forms improves collaboration across company departments such as human resources, maintenance, quality control, engineering, production and purchasing.
Allow PEMAC Forms to intelligently route forms and documents (by ordered sequence) for sign-off to the required roles and departments within a company.
PEMAC Forms integration with third party systems means that systems get automatically updated with new information once a document has been approved.

Organisational Benefits

pemac_product_care_blue_iconCreate Dynamic workflow processes.
pemac_product_care_blue_iconImproves workflow approval cycle times.
pemac_product_care_blue_iconDramatically reduce Costs.
pemac_product_care_blue_iconRemoves Duplication.
pemac_product_care_blue_iconRemoves Bottlenecks.

Key Technical Features

  • No-code Line of Business (LOB) application
  • Template designer uses normal features found in word processing software (fonts, styles, formatting etc)
  • Create multi-stage approval workflows. Multiple people can be required to approve in an ordered sequence
  • Using quorums, multiple people can operate on a queue basis where only one of them needs to approve
  • Templates can be flagged as confidential so that they don’t appear in searches and are only available to the submitter and approvers
  • For regulated environments the CFR-21 re-authentication of login credentials can be enabled

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