Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a routine process performed on a piece equipment to stop it from failing. It is a highly complex process that requires the right software to manage  the process correctly.

PEMAC Assets is one of the world’s leading CMMS solutions that enables you to better organise, plan and manage this process. Our solution will enable you to extend the life of your equipment and tools by predicting failures. To find out more, get in touch today.

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    How much can you save using PEMAC?


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    What is Preventative Maintenance Software?

    Preventative maintenance (or preventive maintenance) is maintenance work that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to reduce the likelihood of it failing. The equipment is still working when it is performed. Regularly maintained assets are less prone to failure and consequently significant reductions in repair costs can be achieved. Additionally, understanding what assets are failing and why they are failing allows you to optimise the maintenance plan for each asset.

    What is PEMAC Assets?

    PEMAC Assets CMMS is designed to assist you in the planning, management, and implementation of an effective asset maintenance strategy. PEMAC Assets is web-based and modular, allowing you to select and combine modules on to one intuitive platform suiting your business requirements such as Asset Register, Work Order Management, Inventory and Stock Control, and Calibrations.

    Strategically PEMAC’s Maintenance Intelligence allows you to use historical and real-time data to create time or performance-based maintenance strategies and ensure maximum asset availability.

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