Preventive Maintenance 101: Exploring CMMS Software Benefits 

Tuesday, 11th June 2024.

Preventive maintenance (PM) is essential to equipment lifespan extension. But what is included in preventive maintenance? PM includes the regular, routine maintenance of equipment and related assets. This helps to reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency, and prevent costly, unexpected equipment failure. To truly maximise the benefits of preventive maintenance, many organisations turn to Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software. Let’s explore how CMMS software can boost your preventive maintenance strategy and enhance overall asset management. 

Role of CMMS Software in Preventive Maintenance 

So, what is the role of CMMS preventive maintenance software and what are the benefits of a CMMS system? 

Independent research and advisory firm Verdantix defines CMMS as: “Software that maintains a database of maintenance operations data, facilitating the planning, scheduling, tracking, measurement and optimisation of maintenance activities across work orders, inventory and asset information management”

When applied to preventive maintenance, a CMMS allows businesses to schedule maintenance tasks, monitor spare part availability, and track equipment performance in real-time. This proactive approach ensures timely maintenance, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and improving overall efficiency. 

What are the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance?

There are many benefits to implementing preventive, including: 

  • The use of a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. 
  • The scheduling of essential maintenance tasks. 
  • The identification and addressing of potential equipment issues. 
  • Savings when it comes to repairs costs. 
  • The utilisation of data to prevent future issues. 

When these benefits come together, businesses ultimately gain from greater equipment reliability and, in turn, enjoy increased profits. 

There are, however, three standout benefits that businesses point to most often. These are: 

  1. Extended Equipment Lifespan 

Businesses looking to extend the lifespan of their equipment, businesses usually design a centralised database of equipment, parts, and maintenance procedures. This allows them to establish PM schedules based on equipment usage, age, and other factors, thus increasing equipment lifespan. By adhering to these schedules, businesses can effectively prolong the lifespan of their equipment and minimise the risk of unexpected failures. 

  1. Minimised Downtime 

CMMS preventive maintenance software helps in minimising downtime by identifying and addressing issues proactively. It does so by gathering and analysing historical and real-time data to predict when equipment will need to be serviced. When an issue is identified, PM software will help to coordinate the availability, location, and status of spare parts. This ensures that the necessary parts are on hand when needed, helping to swiftly resolve maintenance issues and minimise disruptions to operations. 

  1. Better Operational Efficiency 

PM software plays a key role in improving operational efficiency. By scheduling and managing maintenance tasks effectively, businesses are less likely to encounter the kind of equipment wear and tear that leads to breakdowns. Keeping your equipment in optimal condition means businesses can streamline operations, reduce disruptions and maximise productivity.  

Key Features of CMMS Software for Preventive Maintenance

CMMS software has a range of beneficial key features that work in tandem with PM. These include: 

  1. Scheduling 

By scheduling PM tasks using CMMS software, businesses reap the benefits of automated work orders. Triggers can be created in a CMMS based on time, condition, and usage. 

  1. Asset Tracking 

CMMS software facilitates efficient asset tracking and management of assets for PM purposes.  

It does this by tracking established work orders such as parts and labour. Business can then run reports to identify costs, etc. This is useful to businesses as they can become more proactive in their equipment maintenance.  

  1. Data Analysis 

CMMS software plays a key role in data analysis. It’s capabilities in optimising preventive maintenance strategies are noticeable as highlighted in a survey conducted by the Deloitte Analytics Institute which found that, on average, “predictive maintenance increases productivity by 25%, reduces breakdowns by 70% and lowers maintenance costs by 25%. It is based on advanced analytics and marks a new way of organising and implementing maintenance on an industrial scale.” 

What this shows is that data analysis, when done right, presents businesses with findings that allow them to increase overall equipment operation and efficiency. 

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