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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

PEMAC works with some of the world’s top global companies, helping them to run their businesses better, faster and more profitably. Here are just a few recent observations made by clients regarding their results with PEMAC.

We at Siemens chose PEMAC Care as it promotes excellence in workplace safety and enables us to effectively manage “Permits to Work” and “Contractor Management… This in turn greatly adds to the overall efficiency of our operations and ensures full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Head of EHS
Siemens Service Fossils

PEMAC has allowed us to become a paperless operation, significantly speeding up our workflows and reducing the risk of error

Engineering Manager
CG Global

PEMAC gives us greater visibility and traceability across multiple sites… PEMAC helps us manage all stock and track costs associated with spare parts, allowing us to measure the cost of maintaining each specific piece of equipment.

Engineering Manager

PEMAC has become a part of our daily lives and helps us maintain our very high production standards… We are very satisfied with both the product and support service provided by PEMAC

Head of Engineering
Newmarket Co–Op

We have used PEMAC for over 20 years and they have been a key driver of our TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) initiative

Technical Services Manager

PEMAC has allowed us to create a global platform and link multiple sites under one system. PEMAC provides the data to identify problem areas in our maintenance programme and helps us make better decisions

Maintenance Manager

After installing PEMAC our response time dropped from two hours to 7 minutes, we had huge reductions in downtime immediately… With PEMAC we know our important assets will be available when needed

Maintenance Manager
Boston Scientific

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