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Give your workforce the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the power of your PEMAC software package. PEMAC provides a range of training programmes to help clients obtain the optimum benefit from the installed product and boost usage proficiency across the organisation. We can support you in the creation of a blended learning programme (face-to-face, print and online materials) for your organisation.

This training can be provided at the initial installation stage and/or at times during the life of the system, to refresh the knowledge of existing employees and/or train new employees. Our instructor led training modules are tailored to prepare the different levels of users for the various decisions they will face. You can choose to receive training at your site, at our offices or at a location near you, depending on your needs and preferences.

Training Modules

Overview and Use – Provides product overview and essential knowledge necessary to use the system

System Utilisation – Explores the end user’s ability to integrate the solution in his or her day-to-day routine. To complement standard training and achieve maximum user proficiency, customised training can be incorporated into your total learning experience.

Configuration and Administration – Provides detailed on how to configure the system for different users and how-to setup different profiles of users.

Installation and Integration – Explores software installation and integration with other systems, as well as how to extend the application.

Maintenance Intelligence – Explores our dashboards and reporting capabilities and how to use this information to adopt business improvements and support your maintenance strategy.