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Smart Decisions Lead to Effective Results in Maintenance Objectives

GeoPost/DPD UK is a key player in the parcel carrier sector. A subsidiary of La Poste Group, it is focused on delivering a fast, effective and high-quality service for its customers. The company deploys lean management in their operations to ensure efficiency across the board. One key area they wished to overhaul was their spare parts inventory system.


The difficulties faced by GeoPost/DPD UK centered on the management of Spares. They successfully used PEMAC CMMS for the planning, scheduling and maintenance requirements for all assets and equipment that supported daily operations. However, their Stock Control was managed with a manual paper-based system resulting in fundamental inefficiencies.

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Centralised and Integrated System

A smooth and effective electronic process for scanning spare part bar codes and
controlling, monitoring and logging spare parts.

Preventative Maintenance

The new process would allow for the efficient management of spare part orders, with
adequate lead-time ensuring the right quantities were in stock.

Effective Stock Management Oversight

PEMAC would transform all stock related movements ensuring increased stock take
and audit accuracy.

Cost Efficiency

By eliminating the delays and costs associated with expediting spare parts, reducing excess and obsolete inventory and having visibility of stock levels across multiple sites to meet MOQ levels.


The positive impact of PEMAC Stock Control Handheld resulted in it being rolled out in other UK sites. This ensured a transformative level of transparency and visibility across their stock and stores. Usage patterns, stock level alerts, reordering, and supply & demand analytics is now based on real-time activity so directly impacting on inventory management performance. Increased efficiency saves time and money as well as working towards lean management operational goals. Transparency, visibility and accountability is now standard across GeoPost/DPD UK’s Spare Parts Management.

“We chose the PEMAC Stock Control Handheld because it was the best package on the market at the time. Over the years, the level of service we have received from PEMAC has been excellent and this was central to our decision to roll out the PEMAC Stock Control Handheld system to a number of our other sites. For anyone in a maintenance department looking to implement or improve their stock control system, where maintaining records, especially for ISO, is of critical importance, PEMAC is an ideal solution. The big win for me and my department was the traceability of every bit of kit we have onsite”.

Steve Sayfritz, Maintenance Manager, GeoPost/DPD UK

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