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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

Smart Decisions Lead to Effective Results in Maintenance Objectives

GeoPost/DPD UK is a key player in the parcel carrier sector. A subsidiary of La Poste Group, it is focused on delivering a fast, effective and high-quality service for its customers. The company deploys lean management in their operations to ensure efficiency across the board. One key area they wished to overhaul was their spare parts inventory system.


The management of Geopost/ DPD UK recognised that changes needed to be made to meet their lean maintenance operations objectives. They needed to reduce costs, streamline preventative processes and improve operational efficiencies. PEMAC was identified as the best fit to address these challenges.

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Inclusive Modules

The inclusive modules in PEMAC such as Routines, Work Orders, History, Asset Register, Calibration, Scheduling, Purchasing and Web Helpdesk facilitate all aspects of a Preventative Maintenance Management Program.


The Key Performance Indicator () reporting tool highlights the percentage of planned versus unplanned work undertaken so in one view presents areas requiring improvement.

Customised Reports

PEMAC’s excel plug-in tool enabled Geopost/DPD UK to compile customised reports recognising priority data from them

3rd Party Integrations

PEMACs third party integrations with ERP and Financial systems also meant reduction of data entry duplication


The implementation of the PEMAC software saw the creation of a leaner culture when it came to Geopost/ DPD UK’s maintenance operations. PEMAC facilitated more effective and efficient processes for scheduling critical preventative maintenance tasks, and by monitoring and recording recurring problems, better management decisions can now be taken to update the preventative maintenance strategy.

“We chose the PEMAC Stock Control Handheld because it was the best package on the market at the time. Over the years, the level of service we have received from PEMAC has been excellent and this was central to our decision to roll out the PEMAC Stock Control Handheld system to a number of our other sites. For anyone in a maintenance department looking to implement or improve their stock control system, where maintaining records, especially for ISO, is of critical importance, PEMAC is an ideal solution. The big win for me and my department was the traceability of every bit of kit we have onsite.”

Steve Sayfritz, Maintenance Manager, GeoPost/DPD UK

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