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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

Staying ahead of maintenance on your vehicles and proactively avoiding vehicle breakdowns has a large impact on your final productivity.

At PEMAC, we know that Fleet Managers need to maximise on-road capacity at all times and have confidence that the fleet network is running at optimum capacity. All staff safety, including drivers and contractors, is critical and as fleets scale and grow communication with those on the road and their vehicle needs to be easy.

PEMAC Assets, with a complete Fleet register, allows Fleet Managers to develop full preventative maintenance strategies for the complete fleet. The PEMAC mobile app utilises NFC tracking on all vehicles presenting a full history and schedule for each vehicle, and with the ability to record all readings on mobile, multi-vehicle and multiple locations with central communications, control is no longer an issue. PEMAC Assets mobile functionality also means drivers on the road can record issues or events as they happen scheduling a Work Order for when that vehicle returns to the depot.

PEMAC’s Permit and Contractor Management software records all external individuals and their work, and with our Paperless software, data recording and presenting these records for mandatory auditing no longer becomes a concern.

Below are some of the key features of PEMAC Assets. Speak to us directly for more information.

Key Features

Keep a record of your entire fleet.

Schedule, track and close work orders.

Easily configurable forms approval system removing paper and wet signatures from workflow.

Utilises NFC tagging of all vehicles and remote recording while on the road.

Track and manage spares inventories monitoring demand over time with low stock alerts. Manage request and receipt of stock.

Ensures staff and fleet are operating at optimum capacity.

Intelligent and configurable dashboards reporting current and historical Fleet Downtime, defect analysis, MTTR, Work Orders, Maintenance cost by asset, Work orders, cost of spares, and hours.

Understand defects and identify causes for continuous quality improvement.

Track across multiple sites, locations and languages. Available as an onsite implementation or SAAS.

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