Work Order Software

Ensuring your team’s workflow efficiency is managed properly enables you and your team to reduce waste and complete projects on time and on budget. PEMAC Assets allows the scheduling, assignment, monitoring and closing of work orders quickly and easily. The platform will track all work orders and capture all key metrics (downtime, MTBF, defect analysis) to ensure assets are working to optimum levels. By implementing a work order management system you can look forward to taking control of your maintenance management tasks.

To find out more about the leading work order management solution in the market and our CMMS – PEMAC Assets, get in touch with a member of our team today.

What is PEMAC Assets?

PEMAC Assets is a modular and highly scalable web-based application. It allows you to select, combine and integrate multiple software modules on a single platform. This means you no longer need to look to separate products on different platforms to address your maintenance management needs. You can also protect the health & safety of your team or manage change approval in a 100% paperless environment.  

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