Workplace Safety

Keeping employees and contractors safe in the workplace is imperative in today’s environment. The best way to reduce accidents is to be hands-on with prevention. Our suite of products helps you to be proactive and consistent in how you deal with Maintenance and Occupational Health and Safety issues.

Improved Safety

Improved safety minimises loss of work time due to accidents and reduces the risk of penalties and potential litigation. Regularly checked assets are more likely to stay at required safety standard levels. PEMAC Assets is a powerful tool that facilitates your organization in the creation of a planned maintenance strategy. If an issue arises PEMAC Assets can provide you with a complete maintenance history for your asset including parts used and work order history.

Web Based Health and Safety System

PEMAC Care is a web-based health and safety system grounded in industry best practices and designed to protect your organisation (assets and people) by managing risk in the workplace. Our interactive platform provides you with an unparalleled level of visibility on all of the safety activities of your company. PEMAC Care also allows you to create risk assessments, identify hazards, and implement control measures to mitigate risk.  This enables you to manage incident reporting, audits and skills availability all in one simple web based paperless system.

Zeon Chamicals Case Study

Zeon Chemicals achieved a ZERO Incident Rate related to permit to work activity since rolling out PEMAC Care.

zeon“A number of years ago ZEON Chemicals Europe Limited, took a decision to standardise permit to work creation and issue. We as a company were looking for a system that could grow with us and support us for many years. We felt that PEMAC Care fitted our criteria both from a financial and process point of view. The relationship and support we received was exceptional, and I am pleased to say has continued to the present day. We certainly would recommend the PEMAC Permit to Work system”.

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