Unlock the power of data

Drive Better Outcomes with PEMAC Business Intelligence Services 

Data and information are closely related. But they aren’t the same. That’s why PEMAC offers a complete Business Intelligence Service to help you unlock the full potential of your CMMS data.  

Our consulting team uses their expertise to examine your site data, unleash insights and provide a clear report of what’s needed to take your people, assets, and equipment to the next level.  

Successful businesses are ultimately driven by accurate and timely decisions. Work with PEMAC to uncover them.  

Our Business Intelligence Services Process Implementation 

We recognise that successful implementation is key to achieving desirable outcomes – especially for mission-critical issues like your maintenance strategy.   

PEMAC applies a proven process to help your business leverage its data more effectively. Our goal is to provide complete support and guidance as you work towards key goals and objectives.   

Getting the most out of business intelligence software tools requires a considered approach. We develop and deliver our services in consultation with clients, following five key phases as outlined below:  


PEMAC’s 5-Phase Business Intelligence Service Mode


We’ll seek to understand your requirements and objectives and then convert these into a business intelligence problem definition.


This phase includes problem shaping, data readiness preparation and an initial BI design mock-up.


During this phase, PEMAC will work with you to validate our initial business intelligence designs and optimise them ahead of launch.


This is the ‘go-live’ stage when dashboards and reporting are deployed and key user training is delivered. 


This is  managed service phase that considers the different operational and business environment changes, and incorporates them into updated BI designs. 

Our Ongoing Support Delivers Valuable Insights   

Our consulting teams will work with you to understand your business and maintenance operation goals, while also interpreting your CMMS and third-party system data.  

What are the Key Benefits of PEMAC’s Business Intelligence Services? 

Gain Deeper Insights Into Equipment Performance

Including real-time information about equipment downtime, maintenance costs, and work order history. This information will also help you to identify trends, predict failures and optimise your maintenance scheduling.  

Improve Asset Management

By analysing your CMMS data, we’ll identify underused assets, equipment in need of upgrades and other important maintenance issues. Equipped with this information, your business will reduce downtime and increase total site uptime.

Optimise your maintenance strategy

We will analyse your maintenance history to identify the root cause of failures, track asset availability, and monitor maintenance costs.

Make Informed Business Decisions

With PEMAC, you’ll be able to monitor several key metrics, including equipment uptime, maintenance costs, and inventory levels. These will help you make better decisions that drive growth and grow margins.

We Recognise Every Business and Solution is Unique  

Every site has different equipment, staff, and processes. That’s why PEMAC approaches each Business Intelligence Services project differently, working with stakeholders and key decision-makers to uncover the information necessary to make better decisions.  

PEMAC’s Proven Track Record Delivering Valuable Business Insights  

Our service model is not just about delivering business intelligence for analytics. It’s a detailed examination of your operations to determine what information is needed for you to make more effective decisions.  

Business Intelligence Services

We Offer a Complete Suite of Services to Optimise Your Maintenance Strategy 

Some businesses will be further ahead than others on their CMMS journey. Our services have been developed to support any organisation, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or have been optimising for some time. These include: 

  • Project Services
  • Optimisation Services
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Training Services
  • CMMS Software Qualification Services

Achieve Complete Clarity and Take Your Maintenance Strategy to the Next Level 

PEMAC is not just a software provider; we are your trusted CMMS partner and maintenance strategy consultant.  

By working with us, you’ll transform data into intelligible information and have the evidence needed to make better, more effective decisions.   

Get more from your data.