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Effortless CMMS Integration with PEMAC’s Project Implementation Services

PEMAC’s Project Implementation Service will enable your organisation to experience a seamless implementation of the best maintenance software from the moment it goes live. Our dedicated team is engaged right from the start of your project, working collaboratively with our in-house implementation team, PEMAC’s sector experts, and, most importantly, your own team. 

Digitalising established maintenance processes may seem daunting, but transitioning to a CMMS doesn’t have to be disruptive.

Our Team Works Collaboratively to Ensure Successful Implementation   

PEMAC’s implementation service ensures successful CMMS software adoption through collaboration. We understand client needs, deliver comprehensive solutions, and maintain transparent communication. 

Our comprehensive training equips teams with the necessary skills. We help you seamlessly integrate our software into your organisation’s processes, provide ongoing support, and optimise its usage 

Partner with us for a collaborative approach that guarantees a smooth transition and long-term value for your maintenance operations. 


What’s Available in Our Project Implementation Service?

Needs Assessment

We’ll conduct an assessment of your organisation’s maintenance requirements, determining where PEMAC can provide the most value.


Based on the needs assessment, we create a project plan that outlines the steps involved when implementing your CMMS.


We’ll work closely with you during the configuration stage to ensure the system is tailored to your specific requirements and processes.


Data Migration

We’ll help you migrate existing data from legacy systems into PEMAC ASSETS CMMS, ensuring any inconsistencies are resolved before launch.

Testing and Training

PEMAC will support you to ensure your CMMS is working correctly according to your needs. Our training is tailored to your staff, ensuring they’re fully onboarded with the software, and understand how to realise its full potential.

Go-Live Support

Our team provides ongoing support throughout the launch phase to resolve any remaining issues and ensure your software is working as specified.

PEMAC’s Proven Method for Successful Project Implementation  

We apply a phased approach when beginning any new project. This is a proven method, but our team will always consider your business’ unique operating conditions throughout the course of the project.   

CMMS project implementation services by PEMAC

What Does PEMAC’s Project Implementation Service Offer Your Business?

You need to know that any changes you make will be right for your business – especially when moving to a digitalised maintenance strategy. It’s a significant investment and one that requires time to ensure success.

PEMAC’s Project Implementation Service simplifies these issues by making the entire process as straightforward and hassle-free for you as possible. We aim to have the system operating reliably upon launch, with your team fully versed in all its functions and features.

Our implementation approach ensures:

  • Streamlined implementation and User Onboarding
  • Delivery of a developed system with lasting value
  • Anticipation of issues before the system goes live
  • Customised configuration

Our Clients Acknowledge the Value of a Complete Project Implementation 

PEMAC has experience working across many industries, delivering CMMS software for some of the most demanding and highly regulated sectors. Our team knows what it takes to deliver a solution that transforms an organisation’s maintenance strategy and delivers lasting value.  

PEMAC’S Proven Track Record Delivering Complex Projects Across Industry

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Assuring a Seamless Integration from Day One

It takes knowledge, dedication, and experience to develop a CMMS that’s fully aligned with your long-term targets.

PEMAC understands this more than any other provider, offering leading support and guidance from experts that truly understand your sector.

Revolutionise your maintenance strategy with the support of those you can trust.

Save time, improve productivity and maintain compliance.

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