Optimise Energy Sector Operations with PEMAC CMMS

Whether it’s maintaining critical infrastructure or improving production yields, our CMMS transforms your business by maximising the availability and reliability of your assets.  

But it’s not just energy production where PEMAC ASSETS excels. Our software also manages the industry regulations necessary to protect your employees, equipment, and the environment. 

Redefine efficiency in energy with PEMAC ASSETS CMMS.  

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Simplifying Energy’s Maintenance Challenges   

Those working in Energy arguably face the toughest maintenance challenges. Production needs to be continuous yet also meet the regulatory benchmarks for safety, output, and efficiency.  

This situation is complicated by the wide base of installed assets found in the sector, with older legacy sites now targeted for phaseout as renewable energy assets make up a larger percentage of the energy mix.  

PEMAC ASSETS makes it easier for site managers to get the most out of what they have. With powerful modules and clear work processes, our CMMS keeps energy assets online and working at their best for the maximum amount of time.  


Feature-Rich CMMS for Energy Plant Managers

A Centralised Repository

This facilitates the storing and managing of asset documentation, making them easily accessible to maintenance technicians.

Integration with Control Systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

This facilitates the monitoring of critical equipment, enabling proactive maintenance, and reducing the need for manual inspections.

Google Maps or Geographic Information System (GIS) integration

This allows visualisation and spatial tracking of assets, enabling more efficient maintenance planning and resource allocation.


Safety Management Features

These features ssupport compliance reporting and adherence to industry-specific safety standards.

Contractor Management Features

These features enable the tracking of contractor performance, certifications, safety, and work orders.

Key Benefits for Energy Facilities Using PEMAC ASSETS

Increase Equipment Uptime

Proactively manage maintenance activities, ensuring that critical equipment is properly maintained and serviced at regular intervals.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule routine inspections, calibration, and component replacements before they escalate into more serious problems.

Prolong Asset Lifecycles

Maximise the return of both legacy equipment and new investments. 

Effective Labour Allocation

Structure engineers’ maintenance schedules and ensure critical work is completed on time. 

Maintain Audit Trails

Our CMMS provides a complete log of all maintenance interventions for internal, external, and regulatory inspectors. 

Control, Monitor, and Predict

Track and monitor asset data, anticipate maintenance tasks, and make informed capital investment decisions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

At PEMAC, we have vast experience serving clients from a range of tightly regulated industries, including life sciences, food and beverage, chemicals, energy and manufacturing. We understand the unique challenges and specific needs of each industry, and work closely with our clients to tailor solutions for their individual requirements.

As our client testimonials show, this has given us a deep understanding of what’s needed to develop and deliver effective maintenance and asset management solutions.

Streamline Your Maintenance Management with PEMAC ASSETS

We understand the diverse range of challenges faced in this sector. An effective maintenance strategy informed by PEMAC ASSETS CMMS will level the playing field, giving your business the insights needed to compete and comply.