Simple Tracking & Inventory Management with PEMAC Software 

MRO Inventory Management Software Solutions  

Without full oversight and control of inventory, it can be difficult to manage the materials and supplies necessary to keep businesses moving.  

With its inventory management module, PEMAC ASSETS simplifies these challenges, automating the spare parts replenishment process and recording all important actions in one place.  

Discover how to optimise your spare parts inventory and minimise stockouts.

Why Is MRO Inventory Management Crucial?

MRO inventory refers to all supplies, spares and extras needed for routine maintenance, repair, and operations.  

Industry research shows that the vast majority of those working in asset-intensive environments believe MRO inventory management is important, yet other estimates show that technicians spend as much as 25% of their time trying to secure parts.  

Businesses with a clear view of their inventory will minimise time spent on procurement, allowing colleagues to focus on more important core activities, such as equipment inspections and preventative maintenance activities.  

There Are Other Indirect Consequences Of Overlooking MRO Inventory:

Production Stoppages

Critical assets, no matter how robust, will always need servicing or parts replacing at some point. Without good inventory practices, production will be halted or drastically reduced while parts are located at a premium for expedited shipping. 


Servicing jobs will often require protective equipment. If these aren’t available, businesses risk exposing staff to dangerous situations. 


Some organisations will try to avoid shortages by buying excess parts. These may end up being used sparingly, taking up space in a storeroom that could be used for something else. Overstocking also leads to unnecessary expenses, paying for parts that may be non-refundable. 


PEMAC Inventory Management Software Helps You Leverage Your Business Strategy

PEMAC ASSETS offers a range of features to help organisations optimise their spare parts inventory management. Some of the key features of this solution include: 

Automated Replenishment

PEMAC ASSETS automatically generates purchase orders and stock transfers based on configurable reorder points, saving time and minimising stockouts.

Mobile Inventory Management

PEMAC ASSETS includes a mobile app that allows maintenance personnel to perform inventory management tasks from anywhere in the facility.

Barcode Scanning

PEMAC ASSETS supports barcode scanning for fast and accurate inventory tracking and stocktaking.


Inventory Analytics

PEMAC ASSETS provides real-time inventory analytics and reports to help organisations make data-driven decisions about their spare parts inventory management.

Integration with Maintenance Management

PEMAC ASSETS can be integrated with PEMAC Maintenance Management or other maintenance management software, providing a comprehensive solution for maintenance and inventory management. 

Multi-Site Inventory Management

PEMAC ASSETS supports inventory management across multiple sites and locations, enabling centralised management and optimised stock levels.

We Help Our Clients Reach Their Goals

We recognise that not all storerooms are the same and each organisation will have its own needs when it comes to inventory management.  

Some manufacturers will have legacy equipment on the production floor that will need servicing at shorter cycles than newer machines. This means keeping a higher volume of spares on hand to ensure uptime is maintained.  

PEMAC ASSETS prioritises flexibility when developing a spare parts MRO inventory management solution.

This helps organisations optimise spare parts inventory management and improve overall maintenance efficiency.

Looking for More Detail?

Visit our Resources section to read the latest blogs, eBooks, and case studies from the PEMAC team.  

Flexible Software for Asset-Intensive Industries 

PEMAC ASSETS is modular-based software that allows customers to easily incorporate extra features as requirements change. These include digitalisation solutions that optimise processes and approvals, as well as health and safety and compliance functionality.  

Understand more about how our modules can benefit your business.  

MRO Inventory Management Software

Gain Better Inventory Control

While it can be a complex task, especially when working in regulated industries, PEMAC ASSETS can ease the burden with centralised asset management and streamlined processes. These advantages are particularly important for companies that rely on cross-department collaboration, where a ‘single source of truth’ is necessary to keep operations running smoothly. Get your storeroom or warehouse on the right path. Speak with the PEMAC team today.