Manage Risk & Improve Asset Performance in Critical Environments  

Optimise Asset Performance PEMAC Healthcare CMMS  

In no other environments are well-maintained assets and efficient processes more important than in healthcare. Equipment availability is essential for patient safety and satisfaction, as well as accurate diagnosis and treatment.  

Beyond this, healthcare facilities should adhere to best practices and consider maintenance recommendations from relevant industry bodies, such as the International Facility Management Association Health Care Council, and the American Society of Healthcare Engineering.  

In short, those running these sites need to know when, how, and why interventions have taken place, making a good CMMS essential for satisfactory outcomes.  

The Value of CMMS for Healthcare 

Hospitals, clinics, and care providers all face the same facilities maintenance challenge. They need to know that their maintenance strategies are contributing to patient safety, regulatory compliance, and the overall efficiency of healthcare services. 

As well as healthcare facilities management, CMMS software is invaluable for managing maintenance activities carried out on lifesaving devices, such as ventilators and defibrillators.  

Regardless of which area of healthcare you work in, PEMAC ASSETS is ready to address these challenges head-on, with powerful software developed by those who understand what a successful maintenance strategy looks like in healthcare.  

Healthcare CMMS

Key Benefits for Healthcare Facilities Using

PEMAC ASSETS removes the ambiguity around maintenance with a powerful digital interface. It provides a long list of benefits that allow you to work without fear of equipment failure:   

Centralised Maintenance Management

For total clarity, better processes, and an effective strategy.


Immediate access to inventories, work orders, actions, history, and warranties.

Streamlined Workflows

For minimising downtime.

Intuitive User Interface

To help decision-makers easily quantify workloads for the clinical engineering team. 

Documentation and Reporting

To simplify and ease the regulatory burden on healthcare facilities.


Feature-Rich Software Developed for Maintenance in Healthcare

The standard deployment of PEMAC ASSETS CMMS is full of useful functions. However, the demands on healthcare mean some additional features are necessary. These include:  

Minimising Equipment Downtime

Scheduling preventative maintenance tasks and ensuring timely repairs reduces disruptions to patient care.

Incorporating Tasks and Documentation

These include items which consider safety protocols like infection control measures, cleanliness standards, and safe disposal practices for medical equipment.

Enabling the Management of Medical Equipment

Ensuring equipment availability, proper functioning, and adherence to calibration and maintenance schedules.


Rapid Response Features

Requestor and mobile features that enable rapid response to emergency maintenance requests, enhancing patient safety and minimising disruptions to critical procedures.

Transformative Maintenance for Critical Environments 

Running a healthcare facility is demanding, not least for those in charge of its assets. But with the right CMMS, the entire process can be simplified. 

Every penny in healthcare needs to be well spent – particularly in sites that are publicly funded. With PEMAC ASSETS, your organisation is making a sound investment with lasting value.