Optimisation Services 

Unlock Your CMMS Potential with PEMAC’s Optimisation Services

Establishing good processes as part of an effective maintenance strategy can be complex. But a well-designed CMMS software will make this far more straightforward for your business.      

PEMAC’s Optimisation Services enable the development of software that reflects your goals and objectives, while minimising risks, maximising resources, and ensuring quality deliverables.  

Unlock the full potential of your investment in PEMAC.  

PEMAC is Your Trusted Partner for Digitalising Maintenance Processes and Practices   

When developed and applied correctly, a CMMS can fundamentally transform your business, making it more efficient, safer, and productive. PEMAC ASSETS CMMS can be applied ‘off the shelf’ but we recommend working with us to get the most out of your software.  

Our team of experts have many years of experience implementing and optimising PEMAC software for different companies. Those who have gone through this process typically report the same results: 

  • Streamlined maintenance processes 
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Increased output 
  • Safer, more productive staff  

We’ll Secure Maximum Return on Your CMMS Investment  

PEMAC’s Optimisation Services team will build a clear picture of your business’ current maintenance strategy, look for improvements and ensure our software makes your business more competitive once implemented.  

Create Effective Rules and Workflows

Working with you, we’ll examine your current maintenance processes and look for areas of improvement.

Customise Your Dashboards

We’ll create a CMMS that truly serves your business, with custom tools and functions that your staff will use every day. 

Onboard Staff

We’ll train your team to generate reports and use our CMMS software to improve maintenance processes. 


Improve Your Preventative Maintenance Programme

We’ll review how your business schedules maintenance and consult with those who know your equipment and assets best.

Monitor CMMS Performance

PEMAC will look at how your solution is performing, track KPIs and provide regular reports that highlight areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.

We’ll Continue Optimising Your CMMS Once It’s Implemented  

Our expert team will invest time up front, ensuring your software is fully optimised and working in tune with your business. This will result in improved efficiency, fewer support requests and lower customisation costs.  

Our approach provides long-term benefits, maximising the value of your CMMS software investment and minimising the need for costly upgrades or replacements in the future.  

optimisation services

How PEMAC’s Optimisation Services Team Takes Your Maintenance Strategy to the Next Level

PEMAC’s Optimisation Service is a four-phase lifecycle model designed to improve the maturity of an organisation’s CMMS and maintenance programmes. Each phase of the model can be applied during any phase of an organisation’s CMMS asset lifecycle.  

  • Data within the CMMS is audited to determine completeness and accuracy, including hierarchies, job specifications and work categories 
  • Assessment of maintenance department work practices, as well as recommendations for calibration management  
  • Implement industry best practice for asset coding, spare parts and data capture techniques 
  • Create lists and data containers for planning, scheduling, and work order identification  
  • Develop procedures to standardise system use across different maintenance activities  
  • Build relevant dashboards with key metrics and data feeds 
  • Document CMMS asset criticality, including equipment and instruments 
  • Digitalise paper-based maintenance and calibration processes, e.g. test points and reference standards  
  • Create a roadmap for improving preventative maintenance processes 
  • Align routines for the best maintenance outcomes 
  • Adjust site practices and procedures to remain compliant and provide maximum flexibility 
  • Audit CMMS data at set intervals.
  • Remotely access your system to perform reliability analysis.
  • Assess the effectiveness of reporting and KPIs.

We Have a Strong Reputation as a Maintenance Technology Partner

We secure the best maintenance outcomes for our customers and are recognised for our diligent approach. This reputation is underpinned by a team that’s willing to fully understand your business and where CMMS software fits along your path to achieving long-term goals.  

Optimisation Services

What Our Clients Say About Us

At PEMAC, we have vast experience serving clients from a range of tightly regulated industries, including life sciences, food and beverage, chemicals, energy and manufacturing. We understand the unique challenges and specific needs of each industry, and work closely with our clients to tailor solutions for their individual requirements.

As our client testimonials show, this has given us a deep understanding of what’s needed to develop and deliver effective maintenance and asset management solutions.

PEMAC Has Unique Knowledge and Experience Working with Clients Across the World     

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Our Software is Supported by a Full Suite of Services 

PEMAC offers a range of complementary services to reflect the unique situation every business faces. These include: 

  • Project Services
  • Optimisation Services
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Training Services
  • CMMS Software Qualification Services

Ensuring a Seamless Integration from Day One  

We are ultimately measured by the changes you see once your CMMS software is live. Our team always keeps this in mind when working with you.  

From day one, your staff should be able to analyse, interpret and action maintenance-based decisions on the data presented to them.  

With our Optimisation Services, PEMAC will get you there.