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CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System. It’s software that centralises an organisation’s maintenance information. With a CMMS, businesses can assign and track tasks, maintain an audit trail and produce status reports to make more informed decisions about equipment, machinery and other assets. It’s a proven way to increase site availability, lower the chances of unplanned downtime and implement a data-driven maintenance strategy.  

SaaS is best understood as on-demand software that a business accesses with a regular subscription. PEMAC ASSETS can be hosted by PEMAC or at a client site.  

If your business relies on critical equipment and machinery, it will benefit from a CMMS. PEMAC’s software gives businesses better visibility of their assets, how they’re performing, and the remedial actions needed to keep them running optimally. This significantly lowers the chances of downtime, helping to keep your facility online and turning a profit.  

PEMAC ASSETS is cloud-based maintenance management software designed to streamline maintenance activities and optimise asset management. It provides features for managing work orders, preventative maintenance, asset tracking, inventory management and more. 

PEMAC ASSETS software is user-friendly and easy to use, with an intuitive interface that requires minimal training. It also provides a comprehensive help section and customer support for any questions or issues. 

Some of the benefits of using PEMAC ASSETS software include increased equipment uptime, improved maintenance efficiency, reduced inventory costs, optimised stock levels, and better supply chain management. 

Yes, our CMMS is fully configurable and able to integrate with third-party platforms.  

Yes, PEMAC ASSETS software is scalable, allowing organisations to easily add new users, assets, and locations as their needs change. It can also support multiple locations and facilities. 

 PEMAC ASSETS software supports a range of integrations, including ERP systems, inventory systems, SCADA systems, IoT devices, and other maintenance-related software tools. 

PEMAC provides comprehensive training and support, including online tutorials, documentation, and customer support. We also offer on-site training and consulting services for organisations that require additional assistance. 

Yes, PEMAC ASSETS software supports compliance with industry standards, including ISO 55000, ISO 14224, and API standards. It also supports clients with regulatory compliance requirements such as OSHA, FDA, and EPA regulations.