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Effective Work Order Management is critical for minimising asset downtime in asset-intensive industries. It’s also key to remaining compliant when inspectors request a complete and auditable history of all interventions.  

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software automates this crucial task with its powerful Work Order Management suite, allowing businesses to log and complete tasks without risk of oversight.  

Revolutionise the way your business assigns, logs, and executes key maintenance work as part of a preventative maintenance programme.

Why is Work Order Management Important? 

In principle, Work Order Management is relatively simple. It’s about creating, assigning, tracking, and managing maintenance tasks, and ensuring they’re assigned and processed correctly.  

But for many businesses, it’s often more complicated – not least because it requires someone to assess team capacity and rank the most important tasks. Without the right tools in place, this can be very difficult to get right.  


There are several reasons why Work Order Management is important:

Organised Workflows

Avoids confusion and ensures that each task is briefed and completed systematically.


Allows teams to address critical issues first, minimising unexpected downtime.

Better Resource Allocation

Designates resources, such as labour, equipment, and materials, to each task, preventing overbooking or underutilisation.  


Timely Repairs and Downtime Reduction

By systematically creating and tracking work orders, maintenance teams can address issues promptly, reducing equipment downtime, and preventing potential production disruptions.

Cost Control

Effective work order management allows organisations to track costs associated with maintenance tasks, helping them make informed decisions about resource allocation, repairs, and replacements to optimise their budget.

Time Management

Provides specific deadlines and timeframes for completing tasks, ensuring projects and maintenance activities are finished to schedule.

Improved performance

For businesses that provide services or repairs to customers, effective work order management contributes to better customer satisfaction.

Quicker Assignment, Logging, and Work Order Completion with PEMAC ASSETS

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS automates maintenance management by recording both planned and unplanned work orders, and all corresponding details associated with that order – such as permits, skills, resources, and tasks.  

Work orders can be created based on time, usage, or alarms, allowing you to respond based on asset need. Once completed, all are recorded and available within the software’s Work Order History. 

CMMS Integration

Key features include:  

Effortless Logging

Log and document maintenance activities with ease. Capture relevant information, notes, images, and timestamps directly within the system. 

Swift Assignment

Assign maintenance tasks to the right technicians swiftly and accurately.

Real-Time Status Tracking

Monitor the progress of work orders in real-time. Stay informed about task status, completion percentage, and any updates.

Prioritisation and Scheduling

Assign priorities to work orders based on their urgency and impact. Seamlessly schedule tasks to ensure that critical maintenance activities are addressed promptly while optimising the utilisation of resources.

Historical Reference

Maintain a historical database of work orders for future reference. Access past task details, solutions implemented, and materials used, facilitating informed decision-making, and enabling continuous improvement.

Discover More Key CMMS Insights for Your Business   

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Secure Better Outcomes and Increase Productivity 

The success of a maintenance strategy depends on effective work orders. Your business may have exceptional engineers and the right resources to keep assets online, but if they’re not managed and executed through well-structured work orders, operational efficiency and timely maintenance could be compromised.  

With PEMAC ASSETS CMMS, you have all the insights necessary to minimise downtime and ensure all actions are completed correctly the first time.  

Supercharge your productivity. Contact the PEMAC team today.  

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