Make Better Decisions with PEMAC’s Intelligent Computerised Maintenance Management System

CMMS is software that allows businesses to make better decisions when servicing and maintaining critical equipment and other important assets.

Our CMMS software helps you achieve maintenance excellence through a suite of maintenance modules and feature-rich supplementary offerings.

Unlock powerful advantages in competitive markets. Choose PEMAC ASSETS CMMS.

Intuitive and Integrated

Discover how PEMAC ASSETS can improve the reliability, availability, and maintainability of your facility while saving time and lowering costs. Our platform is proven in the field, offering unique advantages that set us apart from other CMMS providers.

Learn more about how our system works and why it’s the ideal choice for enhancing your maintenance management processes.


Optimised Maintenance and Asset Management

Used by some of the world’s most recognisable brands, our software excels in highly regulated industries supporting 21 CFR Part II compliance and ISO 55000 accreditation. Customers rely on PEMAC ASSETS to extend equipment lifecycles, minimise unplanned downtime, and ensure employee safety.

But flexibility is what truly sets PEMAC apart from other CMMS providers. Users can easily reconfigure their solution as conditions change, using tailored modules that address specific maintenance and asset management challenges. This keeps the system lean and efficient, allowing you to adapt quickly.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation seeking a full-scale roll-out or a small business taking your first steps with a digitalised workflow, PEMAC offers a CMMS solution that fits your needs.

CMMS Software Solutions

Our Clients

PEMAC’s reputation as a leading CMMS software provider is based on trusted relationships developed with international clients over more than three decades.

We work in close collaboration with a client’s internal team to thoroughly evaluate the business needs and determine how they might change in the future.

Delivering for the World’s Most Recognisable Brands

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Digitalising Laboratory Asset Maintenance Management using CMMS Software

How laboratories can benefit from Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Laboratory Workers

How CMMS is improving Efficiency, Reducing Downtime & Increasing Productivity for Kingspan

Multi-Site CMMS Adoption at a Global
Building Materials Manufacturer.

Streamlining Spare Parts Management in a Life Sciences Manufacturing Facility

Implementing CMMS with Warehouse Management Software.

A woman wearing a yellow jacket in an inventory management software demonstration.

Optimising Calibration Procedures for LumiraDx

CMMS adoption at a Point-of-Care Diagnostic Medical Device Manufacturer.

Maximising Asset Reliability and Efficiency with CMMS & PLC Integration

Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation with CMMS & PLC Integration for Predictive Maintenance.

Total CMMS Support

The best CMMS solutions are supported by a knowledgeable team, ready to answer any questions you may have.

PEMAC ASSETS is more than just a CMMS. We have a dedicated team that is committed to successfully implementing our software, and our projects and services teams will deliver value throughout the total lifecycle of your CMMS investment. We will ensure you have everything needed to get the most out of your solution on a day-to-day basis.

Visit our Services and Support sections to discover how PEMAC consultants can help you unlock the full potential of your PEMAC ASSETS CMMS.

What is CMMS software?

CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System. It’s software that centralises an organisation’s maintenance information. With a CMMS, businesses can assign and track tasks, maintain an audit trail and produce status reports to make more informed decisions about equipment, machinery and other assets. It’s a proven way to increase site availability, lower the chances of unplanned downtime and implement a data-driven maintenance strategy.  

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

SaaS is best understood as on-demand software that a business accesses with a regular subscription. PEMAC ASSETS can be hosted by PEMAC or at a client site.  

Does my business need a CMMS

If your business relies on critical equipment and machinery, it will benefit from a CMMS. PEMAC’s software gives businesses better visibility of their assets, how they’re performing, and the remedial actions needed to keep them running optimally. This significantly lowers the chances of downtime, helping to keep your facility online and turning a profit.  

What is PEMAC ASSETS software?

PEMAC ASSETS is cloud-based maintenance management software designed to streamline maintenance activities and optimise asset management. It provides features for managing work orders, preventative maintenance, asset tracking, inventory management and more. 

What kind of training and support does PEMAC ASSETS software provide?

PEMAC ASSETS software provides comprehensive training and support, including online tutorials, documentation, and customer support. We also offer on-site training and consulting services for organisations that require additional assistance. 

Maintenance and Asset Management Excellence

Transform your maintenance strategy with PEMAC ASSETS. Unlike other off-the-shelf packages, our software is configurable to suit the specific needs of your business. We take the time to understand how our CMMS software can enhance your current operations, integrating useful and relevant features that streamline your maintenance strategy.

A woman in a hard hat is using a tablet for asset management.

Uncover insights, protect assets and make data-driven decisions.