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CMMS Food and Beverage Manufacturing Software 

Strict industry standards for hygiene, sanitation, food safety, traceability, recall management, product shelf life and quality. All these pose challenges for maintaining the assets and equipment used in food and beverage production – especially when the sector faces seasonal production peaks.   

PEMAC ASSETS gives your team the tools it needs to plan and schedule maintenance activities more effectively, minimising disruption and maximising output.  

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Securing Consistent Outputs with Food Safety Compliance Software  

PEMAC understands the complex operation and maintenance challenges that businesses face in this sector. Our software allows businesses to achieve consistent, high-quality outputs by keeping critical production equipment, such as filling and packaging machines, running at their best without the threat of unexpected failure.

Simplifying Compliance 

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Beyond tight margins, food and beverage facilities must contend with a growing list of compliance and quality assurance standards, such as ISO 22000 and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). With integrated health and safety management, PEMAC ASSETS simplifies these obligations, ensuring processes are always completed correctly, on time and according to industry best practices.

With PEMAC ASSETS, users can also issue permits, document qualifications, and manage health and safety assessments from a single interface. However, the platform can be easily integrated with existing systems, such as SCADA and ERP systems. Working this way significantly reduces the chances of operator error, which can lead to unnecessary wastage and risk to the public if defective products are manufactured.

Benefits for Food and Beverage Production  

With tight margins, high energy consumption and little room for error, food and beverage businesses need to maximise the availability of their equipment and resources to turn a profit.  

PEMAC’s software is full of useful features, such as mobile maintenance and work order management, that are designed to maintain uptime even during peak periods, when the chances of equipment failure are higher.  

food and beverage manufacturing software

Key Benefits Include:

Clear work order approval processes

Ensure that maintenance work satisfies regulatory requirements.

Documentation of maintenance procedures

Facilitate consistent maintenance and servicing work, even when staff or technician turnover is high.

Better visibility of maintenance activities

Create an audit trail that tracks user activity and provides evidence that staff are adhering to industry regulations.

Reduced asset downtime

Easily generate work orders from both technical and non-technical employees.


With role-based access control, work order management, and real-time asset information, PEMAC ASSETS software improves collaboration between maintenance personnel, equipment operators, and other team members.

Cost control

Less raw material wasted and more efficient production by avoiding unplanned shutdowns.

Designed to Overcome Food and Beverage Manufacturing Challenges 

We recognise that food and beverage manufacturers face many maintenance challenges, including: 

  • Contamination
  • Corrosion
  • Mechanical wear
  • Electrical systems
  • Automation systems
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Safety

Tackling Industry Challenges

PEMAC ASSETS can help food and beverage manufacturers address maintenance challenges by providing a centralised system for tracking equipment usage, maintenance history, and scheduling maintenance activities.

PEMAC software & services reduce production downtime, improve equipment reliability, and increase productivity by:

  • Automating and streamlining maintenance processes
  • Streamlining preventative maintenance planning
  • Improving compliance
  • Professional training and upskilling
  • Enabling knowledge retention
  • More effective inventory management

How PEMAC Has Transformed Food and Beverage Operations 


Build Smarter Food and Beverage Manufacturing Operations  

Busy production environments require methodical processes, clear delegation, and simple workflows, especially when they are subject to scrutiny from regulatory bodies.

PEMAC’s food and beverage maintenance management solutions are proven to increase site availability, while also reducing maintenance costs and the complexities when servicing older critical equipment.

We are a dedicated partner that understands this sector and what’s needed to build smarter operations.

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