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PEMAC have been in operation since 1987 and provide a full software suite including: PEMAC Assets for Maintenance Management, PEMAC Care for Health & Safety and PEMAC Forms for Paperless Systems.

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PEMAC Assets is designed to assist you in the planning, management and implementation of an effective asset maintenance strategy. Functionally the system allows you to create, plan, monitor & close work orders, develop traceable asset histories & record spare parts transactions.



PEMAC Care is a web-based Health and Safety system designed to protect your organisation. The system provides you with an unparalleled level of visibility on the contractor management, permit to work, risk assessment, audit and corrective actions and induction activities of your company.



PEMAC Forms is a powerful and versatile 100% paperless workflow approval system that can help your organisation overcome the problems associated with paper based systems. The system can be used across and within departments (Human Resources, Maintenance, Quality Control).


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