Streamlining Spare Parts Management in a Life Sciences Manufacturing Facility

Implementing CMMS with Warehouse Management Software.


Industry 4.0 and digital transformation have revolutionised the manufacturing sector, including the life sciences industry, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimise operations and improve productivity. One critical aspect of manufacturing is maintenance management, which involves the efficient handling of spare parts for equipment maintenance. In this case study, we explore the integration of PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software with mpx warehouse management software (mpx/WMS) and Kardex and HÄNEL storage systems. This integrated solution enables maintenance technicians in life science manufacturing to assign spare parts to planned maintenance works and automate the retrieval process from the warehouse, resulting in enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) software is a powerful maintenance management solution that provides a comprehensive platform for managing maintenance activities, including:


Work Orders

Preventive Maintenance

Asset Management

Inventory Control


The Kardex Industriever and HÄNEL storage systems are state-of-the-art automated vertical carousel systems that store and retrieve items in a compact footprint, utilising the goods-to person principle. In this case study, the PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software is integrated with the mpx/WMS software through an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows seamless communication between the two systems. When a maintenance technician creates a work order in PEMAC ASSETS and assigns spare parts to it, the system automatically sends a request to the mpx/WMS Software, and consequently, the Kardex and HÄNEL storage systems for the required parts. The mpx/WMS software system recognises the request, and the storage systems retrieve the spare parts from the warehouse using their automated carousel systems. The parts are then delivered to the maintenance technician for use in the planned maintenance work



The integration of PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software with the mpx/WMS Software and storage handling systems eliminates manual processes of spare parts retrieval, reducing the time and effort required by maintenance technicians to search for and retrieve parts from the warehouse. This results in improved efficiency in maintenance workflows, reducing downtime, and increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


The automated retrieval process of spare parts from the storage handling systems eliminates the need for manual searching and reduces the risk of errors, such as picking the wrong part. This minimises the costs associated with downtime due to parts unavailability or incorrect part usage. Additionally, the system provides realtime visibility of inventory levels, enabling better inventory control, and reducing excess inventory and associated costs.


The integration of PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software with the mpx/WMS software ensures accurate and up-to-date data on spare parts usage, inventory levels, and replenishment needs. This allows for better decision-making and planning, optimising spare parts inventory, and reducing stockouts or overstock situations.


The seamless integration between PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software, the mpx/WMS software, and storage handling systems streamlines maintenance workflows by automating the process of requesting and retrieving spare parts. This minimises delays and disruptions, allowing maintenance technicians to focus on their core responsibilities and complete maintenance tasks efficiently.


The integrated solution provides enhanced traceability of spare parts usage, ensuring that parts are used in the correct equipment, and for the correct maintenance tasks. This helps in compliance with regulatory requirements, such as those related to quality management systems, and enables better tracking of maintenance costs.


The integration of PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software with Warehouse Management System software and storage handling systems in life sciences manufacturing offers significant benefits in terms of improved efficiency, cost savings, enhanced data accuracy, streamlined maintenance workflows, and enhanced traceability. This use case exemplifies how Industry 4.0 and digital transformation can revolutionise maintenance management in manufacturing.

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