PEMAC Keeps Your Site Safe and Compliant 

Asset Management Compliance Software

Compliance and safety are two of the biggest challenges for businesses working in asset-intensive sectors.  

Organisations need to know that their facilities are compliant, and that the safety of their workforce is prioritised, fostering a secure and productive work environment.  

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS is designed to take the uncertainty out of compliance and safety, with a powerful suite of modules that ensure the safety and compliance of your manufacturing facility.

Compliance and Safety Require Constant Oversight

All businesses face obligations when it comes to compliance and safety. This is a formidable challenge for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), let alone large multinationals working across separate regions with evolving regulations and standards. Ensuring a safe and compliant environment demands continuous attention.   

PEMAC understands the challenges you face in maintaining these crucial aspects. Our Compliance & Safety Management suite is tailored to provide the constant oversight required to meet and exceed industry standards, keeping your facility secure and compliant. 


How CMMS Makes it Easier for Businesses to Comply

There is a host of benefits to be gained by businesses integrating a CMMS to manage compliance and safety at their facilities.


A CMMS will track and manage different compliance requirements, giving managers a full view of their obligations regarding quality, health and safety, and the environment.

Risk Reduction

A CMMS will help ensure that an organisation has fewer accidents and minimises its potential liabilities.

Training and Best Practice

PEMAC software can manage employee training and certification, so staff are well-informed about safety protocols and compliance requirements.


Real-Time Monitoring

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS includes real-time monitoring features, allowing users to track and analyse safety-related metrics continuously.


Implement standardised safety processes and protocols across different locations or departments.

Powerful Features for Maintaining Compliance and Safety 

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS has been developed with features and add-on modules to simplify compliance and on-site safety.  

This includes Contractor Management, which authorises qualified visitors on-site in a secure and controlled manner. Documentation can be tracked, training completed, and skills recorded, presenting one overall view of who is on-site, where they are working, and who is expected to arrive next.  

PEMAC ASSETS also manages all your Permit-to-Work activity centrally, providing visibility and traceability. You can create your own permit design, and uniquely specify permit hazards for each permit type. 


Key Features Include:  

Efficiently manages external contractors, ensuring they meet your compliance and safety standards before stepping on-site. 

Track and maintain records and documentation that demonstrate compliance with standards, regulations, and organisational policies. 

Maintenance tasks aligned with SOPs ensuring established protocols, while promoting consistent and compliant practices. 

Streamlines the process of granting permits for potentially hazardous work, ensuring that safety protocols are followed meticulously. 

Tracking of equipment calibration schedules and certification status to ensure compliance with international standards and safety regulations. 

Multiple language support accommodating facilities across different geographic locations while ensuring consistent compliance. 

We’re Constantly Updating Our CMMS Information Resources 

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Eliminate the Uncertainty Around Your Compliance and On-Site Safety  

Compliance and safety are never complete and require a conscious effort to keep operations on track. While this can be challenging, businesses can make the process far easier with the integration of PEMAC ASSETS CMMS.  

Safe. Compliant. Simple. Choose PEMAC.